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Textile Design Discovery Essay

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Textile design

Nkem Morah
Intricate details and complex pieces have captivated my mind in an unforgiving manner, every pattern and design on and any surface never fails to stop me in my tracks. As a kid my eyes were always fixated on the elaborate henna designs, however as time has gone on mandala art and zentagle patterns excited me a lot more. First playfully drawing on my hands and then later on paper I slowly began to appreciate the time, precision and effort that goes into producing a lot of the arts works I admired.

Textile design is the process by witch designs are incorporated onto printed, woven or knitted fabric. Textile designers create and produce, often repetitive ...view middle of the document...

Insects and birds have also solidified their place in Craig fellows works of art, ranging from beetles too grasshoppers. One can find different creatures preserved on his silky and often plain background scarves. This helps draw attention to the repeat patterns that decorate each accessory.

This scarf is rather busy which perfectly captures the seen that one would see if they were to be surrounded by a swarm of bugs. By neatly packing each insect together in a circular structure the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the centre of the piece throwing them into the insect world. The simple background brings color to the scarf without taking attention away from the foreground. Craig has deliberately let his patterns bleed of the scarf enabling the artwork to flow into the viewer’s world as there are no solid lines that frame and contain the scarf and patterns on it.

Britt Lispina is an Australian textile designer who creates colorful and unique pieces both original and hand drawn and printed. Lispina is extremely versatile and can design anything ranging from wallpaper to stationary and fashion. Creating aesthetically pleasing and eye catching designs she often uses light hues to translate her visions onto paper. Most of her pieces have a mixture of simple geometric patterns and...

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