Texting While Driving Essay

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Texting While Driving

It only takes a few moments for anyone to open his/her phone and respond to a text, but it also takes only a moment for his/her life to be over with. Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things that someone can do while driving. People only think about the excitement to respond to a text; but rarely do they think about the results. People shouldn’t be texting while driving for three reasons: it is illegal, it takes our attention off of the road, and it risks our life and others.
Texting while driving is illegal. (Illinois Text Messaging and Cell Phone Laws) People shouldn’t be texting while they are driving because they could get into an accident and ...view middle of the document...

6 seconds – the same as driving the length of a football field, blind, at 55 mph.( Distracted Driving | Facts and Stats | Texting and Driving) This can lead to a dangerous accident that may put our life or others in bad circumstances.
Texting while driving risks you and others. Texting while driving could lead you to your death and potentially those of others. One of the most alarming statistics that I found was a study by the University Of North Texas Health Science Center, which took data from the Fatality Accident Reporting System; they concluded that “texting while driving is responsible for accidents that claimed 16,141 lives during the period of 2002-2007. (Los Angeles times) You risk not only your life but those of your passengers and those of innocent drivers that share the road with you. For example, my uncle’s wife, and four of his children were victims of an accident because someone else was texting while he was driving.

The three reasons I have discussed why people shouldn’t be texting while...

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