Texts Draw On The Ideas And Attitudes Of The Time And Place In Which It Was Written

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“Every text draws on the ideas and attitudes of the time and place in which it was written and which it is set. However, it may have many ways of treating these – perhaps agreeing with some and being critical of others, or possibly avoiding them altogether”
All texts derive ideas and attitudes from the context of the time in which they are set and written. The Modern Period began in approximately 1890 and went through to about the 1950’s. The events of this time had impacts on the text written at the time and influenced the texts subject matter and style. In the Modern Period, composers began to experiment with text types and began to go against the formalities and structures of earlier ...view middle of the document...

As idealistic as this concept of ruling seemed, it created a lot of devastation between countries. World Wars I and II occurred during the modern period and these became a basis of writing for many authors. The Spanish Civil War and the Russian Revolution also occurred in this period. The surfacing of mass media and rapid technological development were also major developments that occurred during the modern period.
The ideological context of the Modern Period also was undergoing lots of change. Suffragette movements led to increased feminism and increased female participation on all levels of society. The traditional roles of the woman – staying at home, looking after the children and doing the housework, cleaning and cooking – were questioned and many roles which in the past had been only ever taken by men were being filled by women. The modern era also saw new ideologies emerge which led to the rearrangement of the structure of power. For example, Socialism and Fascism were both new forms of political power. Socialists believed that everything should be owned by everybody and everyone should have equal access to all resources and possessions. On the other hand, Fascists believedthat the government should have complete and absolute power. Both of these new regimes were quite demolishing. Scientists such as Charles Darwin speculated the origins of the human race and revealed that we were not the “centre of the universe”. Emphasis in religion began to become more focused on interpretation rather than absolute truths.
In politics, there were many leaders who tried to create totalitarian societies. The most famous of totalitarian leaders were Hitler (Germany), Stalin (Russia), Mussolini (Italy) and Franco (Spain). In Australia in 1901, under the rule of the first Prime Minister Edmund Barton, we became our own nation. Many people started to question government rule and authority, people began to want more say in how their country was governed and wanted to be more included in the choices made by governments.
Together, these contexts and the events of the Modern Period impacted on what authors wrote, in both subject matter and the style in which they wrote in. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is an effective example of a modern text that clearly shows how the events of the Modern Period impacted on the texts written at the time. Orwell was a socialist and fought for the socialist side briefly during the Spanish...

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