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Th World Needs Change Essay

604 words - 3 pages

Taylor Webb
English 4-3
December 20, 2008
The World Needs Change

Everyday, society is slowly improving itself to be bigger and better. People seek to further the power of our technology to make us one of the best nations on Earth. Technological innovations are common things to hear in these times. But with improvements and continuous development comes harmful situations as well. With such technology that America boasts, we involve very detrimental factors that will harness the ability to worsen the environment. We have to be very mindful of the environment and fully aware of what we're doing or else bad things will come.
The earth thrives on natural resources as fuel to continuously keep the many machines and dependent sources of technology working and functional. An important example of natural resources is the rain forest. As Simon noted in ...view middle of the document...

Environmental protection needs to be enacted. Doing so will help protect the environment, thus enabling our natural resources and such to be further protected and not diminished so easily. Many things can be destroyed and when they are many species and resources go down with it. This includes islands. As Simon said, "Although reefs may not be as fragile as at one time believed, their temperature, light, water clarity, oxygen, and salinity requirements" ask for a lot. Should any of these requirements be taken away, a whole biome can be reduced to nothing. There can be many things we can do to help prevent any more destruction though. An example would be building reservation parks. Take for example, the Ever Glades Nation Park. According to Edward Dolan, "Established in 1947, the Everglades National Park covers almost 1.4 million acres…and consequently, the parks are bewildered by dangers…such as the loss of water." (Edward Dolan) The government is already on their way to improve on such reservation parks. "Steps are already taken by both Federal and State Park officials to ease the burden of overcrowding. Most states and a number of federal facilities currently require that vacationers make reservations of campsites." (Edward Dolan).
What if we didn't take any steps to make the environment better? What would happen? Surely enough, more species would become extinct. Should we not even try to save the environment, things would die out quicker and easier, pollution would increase, and so would littering and basically violating and desecrating what animals call home. The world would be much dirtier than it already is and would absolutely become worthless.
In the end, environmental protection is considered a necessity and a need to have the world continue to become a healthier place. The world is already polluted and disgusting as is, but by having early awareness, we can help make it better and not worry about it being more polluted. Environmental awareness can help promote safety and proper measures to prevent any further damage to the environment that is so dear to us.

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