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The Kingdom of Rattanakosin
This report will provide the information about the history of Rattanakosin Kingdom in which divided into 2 parts; from King Rama I to the reign of King Rama III and the other part is from King Rama IV to the present King. For the first part of the Rattanakosin period, it was mostly considered on the predominant Ayutthaya polity model. However, the pattern began to modified later during the reign of Rama IV. To consider the second part, it was conspicuous on the modernization and tangible reformation of the Kingdom. This report includes life and social in the Rattanakosin society, politic and administration and foreign relation.
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d.). One of his first actions was to reestablish Buddhist monkhood, associating church to purify the doctrine (Tangsathaporn, n.d.) Of these temples, the well-known one was Wat-Phra-Keo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), which is regarded as the most important one in Thailand, was also built during his reign (Dhammathai, n.d.). features were laws of evidence, trial by ordeal, family law and law of appeal.
For the reign of King Rama II or Phra Buddha Lert Lah Napalai (1809-1824), there was a prosperous in literary production whether in the field of arts, poetry and drama. The most significant discovery in Thailand’s history of music came in the reign of King Rama II. Thai music started to be developed in several ways (Tangsathaporn, n.d.). The size of a Thai band was enlarged from 5-6 to 10-12 musicians. King Rama II was remarkably talented for composing and for playing the saw-sam-sai, a three-stringed Thai instrument (The History of Thailand, n.d.). His talent was clearly reflected in immortal song called Bulun Loy Luen which means the floating moon. He also wrote such well-known works such as Inao and Ramakien. During his reign, the King prohibited people from gambling or consuming opium (The Government Public Relations). King Rama I established a commission of legal experts to revise the country's laws in 1805. The result of its work was the Laws of Three Seals or the Law Code of 1805-1808 that had been used for ruling the country (Vallibhotama, 2007). The code was more than a trivial restatement of the prevailing of civil and criminal law. It also contained the royal decrees and edicts in which it’s main partment, n.d.). He promoted Buddhism and pronounced Wisaka Bucha Day as a national day and being celebrated for 3 days and 3 nights every year. Other activities included the repairing of the existing temples and the building of new ones. The subsequent activity included the “Prang” of Wat Arun which literally means Temple of Dawn as symbolic of Thailand for all foreigners.
To consider King Rama III or King Nangklao Chao You Hua (1824-1851), he preserved and restored several Buddhist monuments and palaces which were constructed during the reign of King Rama the first. He built many temples including the temple of the reclining Buddha and also enlarged Wat Po along with construction pagodas.

Foreign Relation
The Burmese remained a threat to the Thai kingdom during this reign and launched several attacks on Thai territory (The History of Thailand, n.d.). He fought 7 times against the Burmese army, most remarkably in 1785 when the Burmese army tried to invade Siam (The History of Thailand, n.d.). King Rama I not only drove out these invading armies but also launched a bold counter-attack as retaliation, invading Tavoy in Lower Burma (Tangsathaporn, n.d.). The following year, the Burmese army tried again to attack Ta Din Daeng and Samsop in Kanchanaburi but was defeated. The recovery of the Thai state's place and prestige in the...

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