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That House Was The Death Of Us

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That House Was The Death Of Us
Personal Experience by Leah
When I was about four our house was full: my mom, my two brothers (Jared and Trevor), my dad, dog Samson and me all lived together. As far as I can remember, the first few months we lived there were perfectly fine. Then weird things started to happen. 

First it was just little nightmares and some noises here and there, and it always seemed as if it was just me and my brothers noticing it, but then my dog started to pick up on our "unexpected visitors". He would always sit there and just face the wall and bark. We had an unfinished basement at the time that was an oval that surrounded the stairs. We mostly used it for storage and ...view middle of the document...

One night, my brother Jared was sleeping and he woke up from his sleep by a big black thing sleeping on the edge of his bed. Thinking it was the dog, he went to pet it. It opened it eyes and hissed at him. He screamed so loud and ran out of his room waking everybody up. Refusing to go back to sleep. 

I also remember Trevor sleep talking and sleep walking all the time. He said that he would have nightmares almost every night, and it was always the same one. He said that a demonic voice would sit there and scream at him and tell him to grab a blanket and try to make it cover the full length of my bedroom wall. But when he would try to cover the wall it would just grow and stretch out and the voice would laugh and scream at him while he stood there and cried. He always woke up crying. 

My parents always worked late and Jared being the oldest would have to watch us. One day during summer, while my parents were at work, we opened all the windows and bed rooms doors so that the air would flow through the house. Later on in the day we were all sitting there watching TV and all of a sudden every single door and window slammed closed. We were so freaked out we called our mom and made her come home. 

By the end of this, we were ready to move and my parents were ready to get divorced. My brother was ready to move out. I think the spirits wanted to make their presence known once more by showing physical evidence. We had a large mirror that stood on the very back wall of our living room above the fire place. At the very top, and in the middle, was a tiny baby’s hand print. The only explanation that made sense to the others was that I somehow climbed up there and put my hand print on there. That is not what happened. My dad then got the ladder out and climbed up and wiped the mirror, so that we couldn't be reminded of it. The very next day, it was there again. By the next week we were out of the house. 

To this day my dad can't explain what happened at the house. I still have nightmares, and they’re all about that house involve a man that walks around and follows me and watches me sleep. My mother refuses to go back to that house, claiming that it caused of our family to break up. I would like to go back there and talk to the current owners of the house. Maybe I will for one day when I'm ready, but not yet.

hank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my story, I have had several paranormal experiences but I will only share one with you today. It all started when my family moved into this nice big house in southern California, around 1995, I was 15 years old and starting the 9th grade in high school, the house had belonged to an elderly lady. I really don't know the story of this lady or if anybody died in the house, I just know she had moved with her daughter, because of her age. We also noticed the neighbors, they were cubans and we didn't found out that they liked to practice voodoo or something like that until months later.
It all...

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