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The 1992 Best Picture Of The Year, Unforgiven, Is A

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The 1992 best picture of the year, Unforgiven, is a tribute to the ever-popular western, it shows aspects of racism, feminism, ageism, and revenge, areas all coinciding with the society in 1992. Unforgiven was a highly acclaimed movie. It was nominated for 9 Academy Awards and won 4 for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, and Best Film Editing. It showed a negligible amount of racism and showed the feminist ideals of the power of women collaborating and being successful in getting what they wanted. It explores a mans desire to kill in struggle with his love of a woman and how his attitudes and ideals were changed. The power of money to alter a persons behavior is also ...view middle of the document...

The early life of William Munny, bares much relation to the prior years to 1992. The prior years were filled with images of the Cold War and a strong hate this brought between the US and Russia. The year of 1992 made big steps in restoring the trust and respect between US and Russia. This rebuilding of trust is the foundation William Munny and his wife laid. They used trust to repair each others life and change their life for the better. Another character playing a major role in the movie is The 'Schofield Kid'. He is a young version of William Munny, with just one flaw, his bad eye site. He bares many aspects of young William, but it may be William Munny who changes him from the path of killing. The 'Schofield Kid' bares resemblance to the newly inaugurated president, Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton beat out George Bush to take over in 1992 and remained president for 8 years til 2001.The 'Schofield Kid's bad eyesight is symbolic of the new eyes of Bill Clinton, who has stepped into the most prestigious job in America. Like The 'Schofield Kid', who is not used to all the killing he witnesses while with William, Bill Clinton is not used to many of the various situations he encounters while being the president. The more Bill was president, the better he seemed to handle the job, just as with The 'Schofield Kid', who will only become a better cowboy as he encounters situations like he did during the movie.The next aspect of similarity between Bill Clinton and The 'Schofield Kid' is some of the scandalous behavior they did. The 'Schofield Kid' got involved with whores during his stay at Big Whiskey, home of the raped whore. He was seen several times having sex for free, because he was hunting the people that raped one of their fellow whores. This scandalous sexual behavior resembles Clinton in the later years of his service as president. He got involved in one of the biggest presidential scandals in history, due to his affair with the intern Monica Lewinski. The trial nearly got him impeached and The 'Schofield Kid' hunting the whores killer, nearly resulted in his being killed. Both had to pay some consequences for their scandalous behavior. The 'Schofield Kid' was emotionally scarred from committing murder and Bill Clinton suffered mainly a bad reputation. Each avoided the ultimate misfortune, but still had to suffer from their actions In 1992, Nicoderm was introduced. It was the first patch ever made to help you quit smoking. This is relative to William Munny who quit smoking when he married the love of his life. Nicoderm has helped many people around the world quit the bad habit of smoking. So, in retrospect William Munny's wife was the Nicoderm that helped William turn his life around.A major event in 1992 was the Los Angeles Riots. It was a situation where Rodney King was beaten by 4 police officers. A man with a video camera caught the whole situation on tape. The following week, there was a trial against the officers accused of the...

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