The 411 On Human Resources Essay

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The 411 on Human Resources
Valerie Johnson
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The 411 on Human Resources
One role of seasoned, experienced human resources professionals is to mentor junior professionals. It is important that college students understand and know the roots behind human resources. The truth of the matter is that human resources weren’t anything like it is today ten years ago.
Human resources has grown and evolved over the past ten years. There are different factors that pushed towards the human resources evolving. According to Buhler (2012), this evolution has been driven by the globalization of business, changing demographics, a trend ...view middle of the document...

It is important to know each one and their function. Employee relations deal with maintaining employer-employee relationships that bequeath satisfactory, productivity, motivation, and morale. This particular specialty maintains employer-employee relationships by preventing and resolving problems that involve individuals emerge out of or affect work settings.
Organizational development involves assisting organizations with solving problems and obtaining goals. Individuals in this sector not only focus on solving the problems at hand, but also assist with teaching new problem –solving skills that can be used in the future. Organizational development is important to an organization because it makes it easier on the organization to have a specialist that focuses solely on solving and preventing problems; along with aiding the organization in reaching set goals.
Employee development works hand in hand with departments to develop workplace learning solutions aimed specifically towards performance issues, development needs and emerging organizational challenges such as training, coaching, employee engagement and so forth. It is important to an organization because it helps employees increase job knowledge and skills of employees in every level. In addition to this it aids in embellishing the perspectives of human intellect and the overall personality of employees.
Human resources also have a specialty in benefits. In the benefits sector the professionals evaluate how various employee benefits...

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