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The A 1 Unit Essay

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The A-1 Unit*

I.Time Context:
Months after the operation of the A-1 unit of a popular government agency

II. Viewpoint

III. Statement of the Problem
* A-1 was not a formally established staff.
* The allegiance of the members towards the A-1 unit.
* Group complaints about the heavy workload/multitasking
* Alex Marasigan and Tino Torres do not contribute their fair share of the task.
* The unclear assignment between the mother unit and the A-1 unit.
* Agency’s concern seemed emphasized mostly to production and less to people.
* Muñoz doesn’t want them to see him as a pushy and domineering head.

IV. Objectives
* Whether to design the A-1 unit with permanent staff.
* Whether another training seminar is necessary to recruit more members to the A-1 workforce.
* Whether another refreshing course is ...view middle of the document...

* Creates an independent staff design more closely to the attainment of the unit’s goals and objectives.
* Unclear assignment arrangement between the mother unit and the A-1 can be eliminated.
* Hiring and selecting new potentials naturally entails costs.
* Hiring and training of a newly hired employee is time consuming.
* Ask more responsibility to the company.
* Engage the group to other social activities
* This motivates them to foster none discipline and dedication.
* People feel significant. Everyone feels that they make difference to the success of the organization.
* Members of the unit feel they are valued also and that they may see that the company is not only concerned on production but to people also.
* Time consuming
* Establish and clearly define Muñoz’s authority and leadership towards his subordinates.
* Gives a clear view of the flow of power and authority within the workplace.
* Less supervision by the mother unit.
* Muñoz will primarily be responsible and is entitled then to whatever actions and matters that concerns the A-1 unit.

VII. Recommendation
* Engage the group to other social activities
* Establish paternalistic style of management
* There must be a contingency approach to leadership
* Reorganize the structure of the agency through establishing personnel independence of the A-1 unit.
* Member of the A-1 unit must have no standing responsibilities in its mother unit aside from those he received through A-1.

VIII. Conclusion
* The level of situational control a leader has in the case of Muñoz is a moderate one.
* The task and authority delegated to him is relatively ambiguous.
* Alternating personnel from A-1 to the mother unit and vice versa had confused and caused much trouble to the members of the agency.

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