The Advantage Of Impact Crusher Characteristic

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Impact crusher has many aspects of the structure characteristics, these characteristics can make counterattack crusher more advantage position in the competition.Counterattack crusher points from the structure, mainly by the crushing cavity, hopper cavity, distributor, rotor, drive system, roof, base, motor, etc, we, from the perspective of the structure analysis is from the first part, the following let's detailed analysis of the structure characteristics of the counterattack crusher:
1. The adjustable parameters: the discharging mouth size determines the granularity of discharge, product granularity is our most valued place.Other crusher generally by adjusting the size of the discharging mouth to change product size, has a great deal of instability, because the grain size of product quality and varies with the wear degree of lining board.
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The safety protection measures to prevent or stop the rotor in the operation of the equipment has not been completely shut down cases maintenance door is open, also can prevent equipment during maintenance or access door has not closed the boot.
3. The crushing cavity structure unique: counterattack crusher for crushing cavity type cavity made elaborate optimization design, USES the combination of straight line and curve, in the crushing cavity with lugs, makes the stranded materials have a rest Angle, greatly improving the crushing ratio at the same time, significantly improve the crushing effect.
4. The elaborate design of the rotor, the rotor the structure design of open mode, can withstand the extremely hard materials of repeated impact and wear and high wear resistance of plate and rotor blades ensure the rotor can be use for a long time, to avoid repeatedly disassembling, rotor and rotor on the lower lateral has specially wear-resisting material protection board, can completely avoid rotor outer end is wear and tear caused by rotor failure, eliminate the economic loss caused by the fix for a difficult.
5. Advanced control system: the counterattack crusher EMX controller can realize constant current soft starting and constant current soft downtime, can make smooth start torque increase, avoid shock damage, large current and avoid the impact on the grid, at the same time with overload, locked-rotor, undervoltage, lack of equal protection function, can't work at full capacity, can improve the motor power factor and efficiency and energy saving effect is remarkable.
6. The design of green environmental protection: counterattack crusher work in small vibration, special converter can make the air flow of air in the hopper circulate in the machine, equipment rarely inhaled air and thus less dust discharge, this to improve air quality and the operating personnel's health plays an important role.
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