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The Adventure Of Me Essay

723 words - 3 pages

Kyle Chau
Mrs. Boote
English 10 – Period 5
11 March 2013
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett is famous for many things which include his company (Berkshire Hathaway) and mainly for his philanthropic work. His philanthropic work involves him donating a large amount of money to charities or organizations that need it to help the poor, homeless, and the hungry. He is able to do that because he is the chairman of a famous company, Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett donates money to foundations ran by his children and to foundations run by other philanthropists or ordinary people.
According to CNN, Buffett donates around three billion dollars to the charities that his three children run on the day of his 82nd birthday. Also in 2006, Warren pledged 17.5 million Class B shares of his firm to each of his children’s foundations. Along with the $3 billion he wrote a letter to his children saying that he was going to up his pledge by 12.2 million shares each. According to finance websites, one of ...view middle of the document...

That auction ended up with a winning bid of $2,345,678. After the auctioning ended, the bidder gave Buffett an extra $100. Due to the fact that Buffett is so rich, he was able to raise over 2.6 million dollars for the Glide Foundation. Ever since this auction Buffett has been giving the foundation double of what they had gotten the year before. So now it is about $5.2 million this year and next year will be $10.4 million. He has given this certain foundation large amounts of money because it was supported by Warren’s late wife, Susan T. Buffett.
Back in 2006, Warren Buffett had stated that it would have been a “pleasure” to write a $50 million check to the Nuclear Threat Initiative. He would do so if the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency could raise another $100 million from one or more countries around the world. It took a couple of years but they finally did it and then Buffett gave the money to the Nuclear Threat Initiative. “Buffett tells the New York Times, ‘I have never been $50 million lighter and felt better’” (Crippen 2).
This man is an inspiration to all. He can make young students work harder to become famous like him through his kindness to foundations who need it. His philanthropic work can inspire people to work hard so they can show their kindness to the world like he does. As Warren Buffett’s life goes on, he seems to enjoy donating money to the poor, homeless, hungry, and to the foundations that support these causes. He is a man that seems to care about the future of this world.

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