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The Aeneid Vivid Narrative By Virgil

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Q) How successfully does Virgil make the narrative in Passage 2 vivid?
Virgil successfully makes passage 2 vivid in many different ways. The passage is split into two paragraphs, the first being more intimate and at a slower pace, and the second being faster paced and much more violent. The beginning of the passage is where Virgil sets the scene, describing the location of the palace as ‘under the naked vault of heaven’, and this implies that the gods are watching and can see everything that is happening. He then describes the laurel tree as ‘leaning over it and enfolding the household gods in its shade’. This makes the passage vivid as it creates contrast with what the audience know is ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the direct speech, rhetorical questions are used by Hecuba, and this makes it more vivid as it shows her desperation. In this speech, ellipses are used, ‘Not even my Hector, if he were her now…’. This narrative technique allows the audience to continue the sentence themselves, as they know what had happened to Hector, and this makes the passage more vivid as it makes the audience feel pathos towards the characters. She also says ‘This altar will protect us all, or you will die with us’, and this is foreshadowing Priam’s death, and increases the vivid nature of the passage, as it creates sympathy with the audience as even Hecuba knows the fate of her husband.
In the second paragraph, the word ‘Suddenly’ immediately changes the pace of the passage, with Polites being chased through the palace by Pyrrhus, Achilles’ son, and it increases the tension in the passage, making it more vivid for the audience. The word ‘escaped’ also allows the passage to become more vivid, as it increases anticipation and tension, and encourages the audience to continue, to find out what will happen next. Pyrrhus is described as a passionate character as he is ‘behind him (Polites) in full cry’, and this makes the passage more vivid, as it shows how motivated and driven he is to kill...

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