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The Affects Of Communication Technology On Carter Junior High

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The Affects of Communication Technology on Carter Junior High

Arlington ISD, with more than 63,000 enrolled students is the eighth largest school district in Texas. Community families are pleased with the average operating expenditures well above $6,000 per student. These expenditures assure the parents and children of 74 schools that the students in their districts have an opportunity to receive a quality education.
Among the 74 schools in the district, 13 are junior high schools. In different parts of the country some intermediate educational institutions are referred to as middle schools and other junior high schools. In truth there are no fundamental differences in the titles. ...view middle of the document...

One way that the faculty at Carter uses to communicate internally, is using the PA system. The public announcement system is used for morning announcements and other imperative information to get to all the students, faculty, staff and any visitors that might be in the building at that time, all at the same time. Even though this is an older piece of technology, it is still used and is very helpful today.
Another form of technology that is used, by the staff, to communicate internally is a computer software known as SASI. ASI is a software program that keeps record of all students that are enrolled in Carter Jr. High School. It keeps track of grades, attendance, health records, enrollment and withdrawal information, as well as parent and emergency contact information.
This is very useful when a teacher or office staff needs information about a student. Instead of disturbing the teachers during valuable class time, a school official can log into SASI to get any confidential information needed. This can be considered as an umbrella perspective with supplementation.
Carter found a way to use technologies to do old things in new ways, and SASI is a great example of this. Instead of having to look through paper records when needing information, school officials can log into SASI and look for any information that may be needed. This also saves a lot of time. Reconfiguration is a new way of doing structural things; including new social systems. This is helpful in many ways however can be very complicated if all systems are down. SASI increases the use of paperless records. Sustainability is very important in today’s society, and a paperless document system contributes to the use of fewer trees. However if hard copies are no longer used when the systems crashes many records will become inaccessible.
Another form of communication is 1st class email. This bulk email system can send emails to everyone in the building; as well as in the district. Carter also has a system called Carter Group which is only for the staff at Carter. This not only sends emails throughout the school faculty and staff, but it also sends newsletters and updates.
Email is a good way to communicate, however, a weakness of using an email system is, if the receiver doesn’t know that they are getting an email it can go unchecked and unanswered for an undetermined amount of time.
Carter Jr. High also uses the IP digital telephone system to communicate. The telephone, just like all other computer technologies can be used to keep things private. Instead of talking to a teacher over the PA system or in front of the students, the staff can also use the phone to communicate. The telephone has ceased to be a novelty and has become a recognized instrument for business purposes.
The telephone, with a business focus, is the most used technology throughout the school because it is used for both internal and external communication. A weakness of the telephone, just like the email...

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