The Affects Of Illage Chemical On The Human Body

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Marijuana is a popular, and illegal, drug. Its largest consumers are young adults.

Marijuana is smoked in a pipe, bong, or rolled in a joint. Thirty-seven percent of people

between ages 12-17 have tried marijuana. Marijuana gives a slight buzzing feeling of light-headedness. Experimentation with marijuana is dangerous because studies show that 60% of people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis move on to try harder drugs soon after. Marijuana tends to diminish the ambition and motivation in the user. In the long run, it may cause lung cancer and other respiratory problems. There is compelling medical evidence that marijuana smoking is more harmful than cigarette smoking.In addition, the main active chemical in marijuana produces has hallucinative effect when used in any amount.

Marijuana has many effects on the human body. Nausea, headaches, dizziness, confusion, coughing, asthma, upper respiratory problems. Difficulty with ...view middle of the document...

In 1995, over 500,000 emergency room accidents were cocaine related.Cocaine is one of the worst drugs because it causes respiratory illness and kills mucus membranes.

Cocaine has the effects of physical, psycholgical, withdrawal, and overdose. The Physical effects are inceases heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Increases the blood pressure, temp, pulse, and resp., dilates the pupils, decreased sleep and appetite, seizures, strokes, heart attacks, death. The Psycholgial effect is increases alertness, wakefulness, elevates the mood, mild to high degree of euphoria, increases athletic performance, decreases fatigue, clearer thinking, increases concentration, increases energy, increased irritability, insomnia, restlessness. With high doses may exhibit a pattern of psychosis with confused and disorganized behavior, irritability, fear, paranoia, hallucinations, may become extremely antisocial and aggressive. wirhdrawal symptoms Intense cravings, hunger, irritability, apathy, depression, paranoia, suicidal ideation, loss of sex drive, insomnia or excessive sleep. Often, more cocaine is taken to reduce these effects. Overdose symptoms are agitation, hostility, hallucinations, convulsions, high temp., possible death, stroke, or heart attack.

Heroin is the most addictive dangerous illegal drug on the streets. You'll become

a so called "junkie" if you use it. It affects the hygiene and personal appearance of the

user a great deal, because nothing is as important to the user anymore as where that next

hit will come from. Heroin is injected and sometimes snorted. It causes great euphoria,

but also nausea and vomiting. Like any street drug, its user does not know what potency

he is getting from batch to batch. Therefore, there is always the risk that he will overdose

and die. Withdrawal from heroin can cause severe illness and death. Drug abuse leads to all sorts of other crimes. Drug addicts need money to support their habits, and all users, addicts or casual users, are careless and reckless when under the influence. Drug users commit property crimes, such as robbing a house or a store. Drug users also commit personal crimes, like mugging, armed robbery and even murder.

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