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The Age Of Lead Essay

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* Father Cronus, mother Raya
* Has 5 siblings, he is the youngest
* Sky god. Symbols – Lightning bolt and eagle
* Biggest weakness – Women
* Unfaithful to his wife, thought to have had over 100 offspring with both mortal and immortal women.

* Cronus, Zeus’ father is told a prophesy that he will be overthrown by his offspring and so he swallows his children.
* When Zeus is born he is hidden in a cave on the island of Crete. When he reaches manhood he poisons his father making him vomit out the other 5 siblings. They form the Olypians.
* He frees the Hundred Handers and the Cyclopse from the underworld. The Cyclopse give Zeus the power ...view middle of the document...

Reason overcomes irrationality.
Labyrinth may represent the human mind.
Minotaur may represent animal nature that compels us to kill.
The Minotaur
* Half man, half bull.
* Son of human woman, Pasifie and a bull.
* Body of a strong man and head of a bull.
* Story set on the Island of Crete.
* At the time Crete was a very powerful nation with a huge navy and it dominated the area.

* Every year king Minos of Crete would sacrifice his best bull as an offering to the sea god Poseidon.
* His herd of cattle produced a calf bull that was perfect and he did not want to sacrifice it so he sacrificed one of lesser beauty. This angered Poseidon.
* Poseidon punished King Minos by making his wife lust for the bull.
* Queen Pasifie falls in love with the bull and dresses in a cow costume and waits in a field to be mounted by the bull.
* When the bull sees her he just can’t resist and they get down to business.
* 9 months later the Minotaur is born.
* King Minos is a little pissed off so he uses the Minotaur as a weapon against anyone who he feels a threat. He instructs Dedalas to build a maze as a prison with the Minotaur locked inside waiting to devour the prisoners.
* King Minos human son, Prince Endrogeous, takes part in the Olympic Games in Athens.
* He is the winner of many competitions which pisses of some of the youths in Athens and they get into a fight and Prince Endrogeous gets killed.
* .King Minos gave Athens an ultimatum, Sarafice 7 male and 7 female virgins or go to war.
* The virgins were sent into the Minotaurs labyrinth to be eaten. The sacrifice happened every nine years, when the full moon fell on the equinox.

**The video we watched says the sacrifice was every 9 years but other accounts say it was annually**

* Theseus is born when the first victims are fed to the Minotaur. He has 2 father; Ageaous, king of Athens and Poseidon. His mother had sex with Ageaous and Poseidon in the same time frame and the egg was fertilized by both fathers sperm.
* When Theseus is born Ageaous buries his sword and sandals under a huge rock and tells his mother when the boy is strong enough to move the rock he can come and claim his place as prince of Athens.
* When Crete sends for its 3rd batch of virgins Theseaus is strong enough to move the rock and goes to Athens. He vows to kill the Minotaur .
* Theseaus goes to Crete with the virgins and his father tells him if he returns he must change the sail from black to white so his father knows he is safe.
* When Theseaus arrives in Crete, Princess Areadne (daughter of Minos) spots him and falls for him.
* She does not want him to die so she asks Deadaless for help. He gives her a ball of twine and tells her to tie one end to the entrance and unwind it as you go. When you get to the centre, follow the twine back.
* She visits Theseaus and offers him help on the condition he will marry he if he survives....

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