The Aim Of Marketing Is To Know And Understand The Customer So Well The Product Or Service Fits Him And Sells Itself (Ducker). Though A Simple Statement, As The World Economy Grow And Consumers Change This Gets

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The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself (Ducker). Though a simple statement, as the world economy grow and consumers change this gets increasingly difficult. Globalization has caused marketers to research different countries, creeds, and cultures to make unique marketing strategies. Globalization isn’t the future of our economy, it’s the now. Advances in technology have made the world a much smaller place. With access to new markets many companies are venturing into uncharted territory in search for profit.
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  They are a franchise that has succeeded in incorporating Global Marketing Strategies by taking advantage of the cultural differences each country has, by incorporating these cultural differences tastefully into their marketing strategies. McDonald’s winning strategy not only incorporates outstanding visual advertising that relates to their international markets, but they also create options that satisfy the pallets of those countries that may not like all American cuisine selections.  These new options give those international markets the ability to enjoy McDonald’s while staying true to their cultural customs. In India, a country where eating beef is frowned upon, they have created the “Pizza McPuff” and the “McVeggie.”(__)   It is choices like this that make their international markets feel as though McDonald’s is trying to serve the country’s cultural differences.
The McDonald's golden arches have come to symbolize American culture around the world. Operating in 118 countries and on six continents, the fast-food chain has no choice but to expand its options beyond the classic hamburger and french fries.(--) Experimentation is vital, and it is often carried out by adding or deleting food from menus according to latest consumer trends and local popularity. In Japan, apart from the traditional menu you can find seasonal and limited-time items such as “The Teri Tama Burger”, served during spring or “The Tsukimi Burger”, served during Tsukimi season (in the autumn). In the US there are the popular “McRibs”, just available for a short time each year.(__) This is a good example of adapting to customers’ tastes, vital when talking about marketing. McDonald's has figured out a way to tweak its addictive offerings in almost every way imaginable.
For McDonalds, globalization has meant embracing and engaging different cultures while at the same time retaining a strong enough brand to be immediately identifiable. When we look at the strategic differences between US McDonald’s and the Japanese version, we can appreciate the localized marketing strategies. For example, the name of the restaurant is adjusted for the katakana, the appropriate Japanese script for foreign words. In Japan, they call it ‘Makudonarudo’ a more appropriate and attractive sound in Japanese. Drink sizes and fries are much smaller than the ones in the US, and burgers are a bit smaller too, to suit eating habits. McDonald’s ensures the correct sizes before exporting for international target markets. Although McDonald’s offers its products everywhere in the world, being the most popular restaurant on the planet, the brand keeps recognizable with its original meaning and identity whilst catering to local tastes. From McNoodles in Austria to McShrimps in Russia, it appears the chain just won't stop until it figures out what every city in the world is craving.
Moving on to the clothing industry, Nike’s origins as a startup in Beaverton, Oregon can still be found somewhere inside the...

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