The Aim Of This Essay Is To Analyse And Explain The Blackberry's Launching In France

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TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONPART ONEI. The company Research In Motion (RIM)II. The productIII. The country :France3.1 Political3.2 Economic3.3 Social3.4 TechnicalIV. The risk assessment4.1 The technologial french market risk4.2 The legislation risk4.3 The international competition risk4.4 The ratingPART TWOI. The market entry plan1.1 Corporate ans strategies marketing objectives1.2 The market to be entered1.3 The market entry alternativesII. The operational plan1.1Detailed Target market1.2Market positionning1.3Management implicationsCONCLUSIONINTRODUCTIONThe aim of this essay is to analyse and explain the Blackberry's launching in France.Indeed, mobile email access has been a longstanding ...view middle of the document...

Through the development of integrated hardware, software and services that support multiple wireless network standards, RIM provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information including email, phone, SMS messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications. RIM technology also enables a broad array of third party developers and manufacturers to enhance their products and services with wireless connectivity to data.II.THE PRODUCTThe Blackberry was lauch for the first time three years ago in the Unites States of America where it knew a real sucess: 10 000 companies adopted the Blackberry.The blackberry solution is a complete, secure, integrated wireless business solution designed specially for mobile professionals. Blackberry offers a proven, award-winning solution that features a unique wireless handheld with an intuitive user interface, easy to use keyboard and embedded wireless networks to deliver a major breakthrough in mobility. Blackberry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with both Microsoft exchange and Lotus. Blackberry handhelds based on J2ME technology operate over General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) wireless networks.The GPRS standard and the Blackberry solution were both designed to enable "always on" operation and enable the user to maintain a virtual connection to the wireless network. With the Blackberry, no dialing in is required, as all data and mail messages are sent to the user directly. Blackberry handhelds are "Always on, Always connected".III. THE COUNTRY: FRANCEThe PEST environment3.1 PoliticalFrance is a republic and means that the goverment is a constitutional form in which the head of the state is an elected president choose by the French people. People can vote only if they acquire their majority at 18th years old.Government economic policy aims to promote investment and domestic growth in a stable fiscal and monetary environment. Creating jobs and reducing the high unemployment rate has been a top priority. The Government of France has successfully reduced a double-digit unemployment rate in excess of 10% to 8%-9%, recently. France joined 10 other European Union countries in adopting the euro as its currency in January 1999. Henceforth, monetarypolicy will be set by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.Despite significant reform and privatization over the past 15 years, the government continues to control a large share of economic activity: Government spending, at 53% of GDP in 2000, is the highest in the G-7. Regulation of labor and product markets is pervasive.The government continues to own shares in corporations in a range of sectors, including banking, energy production and distribution, automobiles, transportation, and telecommunications.3.2 EconomicWith a GDP of $1.4 trillion, France is the fourth-largest Western industrialized economy. It has substantial agricultural resources, a large industrial base, and a highly skilled work force. A dynamic services sector accounts...

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