The Air Pollution In Hong Kong

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A Fresh Start For Breathing Unpolluted Air1.Introduction-Attention getter: If I were to show you a statistics about the air pollution level in hong kong,it will surely astonish you as the air quality is keep deteoriating in the recent years.-Situation/Background information: Air pollution is a big problem in Hong Kong, which affecting our daily lives in numerous ways. The problems we are facing are mainly roadside vehicle emissions and regional smog.Also,the visibility is less than eight kilometres for around 30% of each year.Besides,the cause of some respiratory diseases such asthma and bronical infections have rised due to reduced air quality inrecent years.( ...view middle of the document...

-Causes:-Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is formed primarily from the combustion of sulphur-containingfossil fuels.In Hong Kong,power stations and marine vessels are the major source of SO2, followed by fuel combustion equipment and motor vehicles.-Factories in Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta contribute significantly to Hong Kong's air pollution, especially in the winter.As the smog produced by them will travel by wind to the Hong Kong,so this will affect the air quality of Hong Kong.-Transportation is the second largest source of air pollution. Hong Kong has the highest road traffic density in the world. Cars, buses and trucks contribute 25% of the SAR's particulate matter, 25% of its nitrogen oxides and 15% of its carbon dioxide emissions, according to Clear the Air.-According to a report from Civic Exchange, out of the 325 "bad air days" (as measured by local authorities) we have a year, 120 days-or 37 percent-are mainly caused by ships as well as local vehicles emitting sulfur dioxide.-Negative consequences:-Since millions of people in Hong Kong live and work in close to busy roads, this presents a major health risk to the residents. The Hong Kong Medical Association estimates that air pollution can exacerbate asthma, impair lung function and raise the risk of cardio-respiratory death by 2 to 3 percent for every increase of 10 micrograms per cubic metre of pollutants.-Each year, around 792 premature deaths and more than 5.9 million doctor visits were related to air pollution in 2011, according to Hong Kong University research,this increase the burden of current medical service.-Research by three universities estimates that the air pollution is costing Hong Kong about HK$21.2 billion a year in hospital admissions and lost productivity,which harms the economy to a great extent.-Some recent statistics show that the air pollution is driving away business and hurting Hong Kong's global competitiveness as the foreign talents and big companies started to leave Hong Kong due to bad air quality.3.Solutions and EvaluationSolution 1: Ask the schools to join the"No air-conditioning Day" compaign which held in june each year-Explanation:Using air conditioner will cause a lot of air pollutants as the power plants need to burn a lot of fossil fuels and this emits CO2 and SO2,which are known as the major types of air pollutants in Hong Kong.-Advantages: It can help reduce the greenhouse gases generated from burning fossil fuels. Although the amount that can be reduced may not be too much,but the most important thing is that this compaign can increase the awareness of the students and teachers about the air pollution problem so that they may do some measures to alleviate it.-Shortcomings:It's hard for government to monitor whether the schools have done this measure.Solution 2: Reduce the energy comsumption at home by ourselves-Explanation:Actually the energy comsumption at home contribute a...

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