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The American Crocodile Essay

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The American CrocodileIn a world full of unlimited needs and limited resources, many times, man selfishly takes over the land of those who have lived there for hundreds of years. This puts these animals in a predicament, result of their lacking of a habitat in which to exist. The hunting and destruction of the American Crocodile's natural habitat and human misconceptions have caused the decline of its population, thus making a species that has roamed the earth for thousands of years, endangered.This crocodile hunts for a living. "Crocodiles are predators, mostly nocturnal, and spend most of their time in water; they are also known to take long journeys over land." These animals take ...view middle of the document...

At this stage in their lives, the mother guards them from predators. They call on their mother with tiny chirps so that she can know their position and protect them. The first months of their new lives, these baby crocodiles' vulnerability increases the moment they hatch from their egg. Usually most of them do not survive through the first year due to predators that take advantage of their small size. Ironically, at this particular time in a crocodile's life, it converts itself into the prey instead of living as the mighty hunter it has a reputation for. Any small change of a vital factor can produce the death to many crocodiles. The changes produced by humans messing with the animal's habitat has deadly consequences. The shortages of food supply can also easily kill these small creatures in a matter of days. The development and reproduction of the species only takes place in a stable environment.Most people have an erroneous image of the American Crocodile. Frank Mazzotti, a biologist from the University of Florida, says "there are a really gentle species". "I have captures them and prodded them in the most invasive ways [for research] and they just lie there." Crocodiles generally have a bad reputation for killing farm animals or even attacking humans. This specific species also falls in the ignorant category that most people classify it in. Many of the attacks that the crocodile has suffered from humans and vice versa, can answer to the fact of much bad information. When people invade the animals natural habitat the natural response of the animal will show. Even though this instinct of survival can classify itself as fair, in this species it will let people...

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