The Analysis Of Law And Courts In Today’s Business Environment

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The Analysis of Law and Courts in Today’s Business Environment

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The Analysis of Law and Courts in Today’s Business Environment

In today’s business environment there is no exact definition of law. Law is a set of rules, standards and principles that outlines the behavior we practice in business. The legal system is a major institution that assists us in defining acceptable social behavior. Laws limit the activities that are not in the best interest of the public. All people have different values and desire different things in life laws act as a way to dispute resolution. Laws play a role ...view middle of the document...

State of Wyoming uses the constitution and state laws to make up the court system and only certain state court cases can be heard in the Supreme Court. State of Wyoming court is made up of three branches circuit court for traffic infractions, preliminary hearings, civil protection, and tort, contract, real property $0 - $7000, small claims up to $5000, and non-domestic relations. Municipal court hears traffic infractions, parking, and exclusive ordinance violations. District court hears exclusive juvenile, felony, criminal appeals, domestic relations, tort, contract real property $7000 – no limit, civil miscellaneous, probate/estate, mental health, and civil appeals. All other matters go to the Supreme Court level. In the federal court system the constitution gives the judicial system the authority to create lower courts and has made the following courts; Court of appeals, district court, court of claims, court of international trade, and bankruptcy court. If people are not satisfied with the ruling given in district court, court of claims, and court of international trade they may appeal to the court of appeals. The supreme court can be asked to review a decision of the court of appeals, but are under no obligation to do this. The supreme court has the final decision of federal constitutional questions.

Judicial review allows the judiciary to check the other branches of government under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review. A judiciary has...

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