The Appeal And Strategy Of Bmw Advertising

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An Analyzing for Appeals and Strategy of BMW Advertisement
Helen Ingham states that “Depending upon the media used, adverts generally consist of images, text and sound. Each of these aspects are encoded with various meaning and messages, some of which are associated with the particular product the advertisement is trying to sell, and some of which are associated with its image.” According to Ingham, ads/commercials are everywhere, and they all have one thing in common. They all contain the messages that mainly aim to persuade people to consume their product. By various different methods, they slowly engage the consumers’ needs in certain ways. The most common strategy that ads/commercials ...view middle of the document...

The use of humor is one, and the use of celebrities is another.” According to Fowles, BMW’s commercial “Star” uses the celebrity style to catch the audience’s attention.

Moreover,as Madonna was about to get in her limousine, she said “I am so over black,” then she looks over to her left shoulder and sees a gray BMW M5 just parked there. She decides to have a ride in the gray BMW M5. The M5 drives off with Madonna hiding behind the passenger’s seat leaving all her fans in the front garage door confused about which car she is in. Within the fifteen appeals there is one called “The need to escape.” It means to seek rest or adventure, frequently taking the form of a one-person flight. There are two appeals that are being displayed here. The first obvious statement that describe “The need to escape” here is “I am so over black,” and the other is obviously to getting away from the fans as she is a Super Star.

According to Fowles, “The need to aggress” means someone is very angry at another or something, but they never show it out. However, they use different methods that will not physically involve themselves to let out their anger. According to the commercial, Madonna treats her manager very badly, she actually slap him and calls him an idiot and a moron. According to the commercial, Madonna has treated her manager like this for over seven years. However, the manager did not ignore Madonna’s action; he hires the Clive Owen as a driver for the BMW M5 at the beginning to pay her back. Clive Owen, who was the driver that the manager had hired, has to drive aggressively according to what the manager had told him, so that Madonna would have a bumpy car ride as a form of revenge. The message here is to let the audience know that whomever they are with and whatever trouble they are dealing with; they can express it out with the BMW M5. In addition to the message that is being portraying, the BMW M5 is a powerful car which can be driven very aggressively under any condition without bringing any harm to both the driver and the passenger.

In addition to the commercial, the M5 driver (Clive Owen) is supposes to shake off Madonna’s bodyguard and take her to her destination within a limited time. According to the fifteen basic appeals by Jib Fowles, this one fits into the “Need to achieve.” Because the need to achieve states that, “the need for achievement is signaled by the desires ‘to...

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