The Application Of Pun In English Advertisement

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The Application of Pun in English Advertisement

Advertising is nonpersonal communication usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about product, services of ideas by identified sponsors through the various media .Its aim is to arouse consumers'attention to a commodity and induce them to use or buy it.But how to make the advertisement impressive is the main purpose of the advertisers. In order to enhance the appeal of an advertisement ,the choice of words or phases may make the advertisement attractive. In advertisement there are many rhetoric features such as smiliar, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, repetition, contrast and pun. However, of all these ...view middle of the document...

But it blossoms at our branches.
-----Lioyd Bank
It is the advertisement of Lioyd Bank ."Branch "means "part of a tree growing out from the trunk",but here it implies the division of bank.This advertisement encourages people to store their money in lioyd Bank and their money will be like the blooming flowers ,yielding more better fruits.After understanding its meaning,readers will figure out in mind that their money become more and more daily by daily ,just like the leaves in the spring.
"The most sensational place to wear satin on your lips"
Here,"satin"means the lipstick of some kind.This sentence means if you wear this lipstick, your sexy lips will like satin which are smooth and glossy ,find and delicate.Thus women will be surely to show great interest to this lipstick.
2.2 Pun on Homonymy
Homonymy refers to the phenomenon that words with different meanings have the same form ,i.e different words are identical in sound or spelling,or in both.When two words are identical in sound ,they are homophones.When the words are identical in spelling, they are homographs.When two words are identical in both spelling and sound,they are complete homonyms.The following instances will explain it :
"OIC"glasses may help you!
It is an advertisement of glasses."OIC"stand for "Oh, I see".It tells you that if you wear this glasses you will see the world more clearly. And the audience will be more willing to buy it .
"Goodbuy Winter!
100%cotton kitwear $40"
It is an advertisement for the sale of winter clothes.The advertisement seems to tell people that it is good and cheap to buy cotton kitwear.But when the audience read "goodbuy"together,they will understand the good use of pun."Goodbuy winter"sounds the same as "Goodbye winter".The advertisement use homophone to show two meanings:it is a good business to buy the cotton kitwear now,and winter has passed away.Naturally,people will associate the situation happening every year that when they say goodbye to winter,the clothes will have a great discount and it is a good time to buy them.
"More sun and air for your sun and heir"
The advertisement is for a bathing beach.The advertiser uses homophone skillfully,sun vs. Son,and air vs.heir.The advertiser encourages people to bing their son and heir to the bathing beath to get sun and air to keep fit. Each couple hopes their son and heir will be healthy all their life.Pun makes the advertising language sound sweet,fluent and persuative.
2.3 Pun on Parody
Parody is a piece of speech,writing of music that imitates the style of an author or a composer in an amusing and often exaggerate way. Pun on parody uses the outfit of saying, proverb or idiom to form new meanings. English has a variety of well-known phrases,idioms and saying .They are an important part of everyday language spoken by the English speekers,and have become one of the aspects of English culture.The advertisement designers are...

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