The Army Profession And The American Culture

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SSG John Krimes
SFC Holmes

“You are all leaders! And since you have no one to lead, you will lead yourselves!” These are the words that our Drill Instructor screamed at us at boot camp. The Profession of Arms or the Army Profession is found on leadership (Dempsey, n.d.). The Army Profession is unlike any other profession. The people of the greatest world-power depend on its military and its ability to protect their lands and their way of life. The Army Profession has very little room for mistakes and must continuously improve its knowledge of the profession in the changing face of technologies, ...view middle of the document...

The Army Profession is the Soldiers Creed, NCO Creed, Army Values, Warrior Ethos, and another half dozen Army creeds rolled into one comprehensive ethical operations package. The U.S. Army is an autonomous entity tasked with the necessary lethality to keep peace at home and abroad. Incidents of the past show that when ethic and moral leadership is absent, Soldiers and other members of the Armed Forces can have a tendency to act immorally. Examples of unethical and immoral behavior are; U.S. Marines killing 24 innocent Iraqi civilians, including women and children; an Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales who left the safety of his compound in Afghanistan to go on a killing spree of innocent women and children, and the infamous Abu Ghraib prison (Center for the Army, n.d.; Johnson, 2013). But for as many unethical and immoral acts there are as many and more counter acts of good. The nature of the American Armed Forces is of good people. Let us not forget what happened in the Civil War when the Nation was divided. Not divided like the extreme partisan government of today, but completely separated. The southern states seceded from the rest of the U.S. After four years of brutal fighting, we pulled each other up, shook off the dust, made amends, shook hands and continued to build the greatest nation the world has ever seen. While the character of war has changed, the moral values we defend remain constant (An Army White Paper, 2010).
The Armed Forces exist because the American people allow it to exist. Congress has outlined our responsibilities and we autonomously carry out those responsibilities. Without our moral and ethical values and behaviors, our military will falter and eventually crumble. The great American people allow us to rise and be triumphant over our enemies. Without their trust we have no hope in defending our nation. Our success is dependent on our behavior, and on our Nation’s people allowing us to defend our great country. At its core, the Profession of Arms is about behavior and behavioral training.
The Profession of Arms is a work of science and art in constant flux towards improvement. It is subject to an imperfect execution of professionals of U.S. Armed Forces due to the imperfect nature of being human. Even with that said, the Army professional should be the role model for all Americans and the rest of the world. In recent battles after the fog has settled, the American Soldier tends to the wounds of the enemy just as he does his comrades. This type of ethical behavior is what sets us apart from our foes. This type of behavior is what role models are made from. Professions use inspirational, intrinsic factors like the life-long pursuit of expert...

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