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The Aroma Of Popcorn Essay

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Chaos theory is such an appropriate practice. The beauty of it is such that probably the only way to appreciate is to, remarkably, understand it in practice itself. I realized this during a walk I had a few days earlier, it was just one of my normal walks. I’ve grown accustomed to them, I’m normally not a very social person although the main reason attributed to this would be the fact that no one calls me for any outings. In any case I was making my way back, having walked to the end of the park, while I returned I happened to pass by a shop selling popcorn, I generally don’t enjoy the cuisine, the only exception being the caramel flavor. As I passed by it I was met by its aroma which ...view middle of the document...

I usually finish it all up five minutes into the film. The whiff of the scent at the park seemed like a framing device for the setting that was the recollection of my thoughts. One instant alone in the common, the next at the theatre standing next to my friends. This brought me to the next set of thoughts that entered my head.
I’ve also held a fascination for films, partly due to the abstract nature of many of them and how they are able to have this control over you, making you feel something for someone who doesn’t exist in the real world but holds more value than any actual human life would. But partly also due to their gravity, to clarify, it fascinates me how the movies are able to pull people of all kinds to a single theatre. Making them all wow in unison with its mastery. The topic of films wasn’t the focal point of my thoughts, it was my friends. I was taken back to how we all used to gather over at the cinema over these films, whatever the circumstances may be, whether our exams were approaching or if one of us was about to leave the country the next day.  You would be certain that whenever a mainstream film was released, the small group of teenagers would be found somewhere nearby.
How time goes by and how we all grow. So many years spent among my fellows. Girls, boys of all races they were the very thing I would look forward to meeting when I woke up in the morning. Those carefree days when we wouldn’t take our studies seriously, bunking classes and taking long trips away, the only thing that kept us going was the thought that somehow it would all work out and it was more than enough for us. It was within this madness that I didn’t notice how things changed around me without taking much notice. How many of them now have jobs to go to, how a few of them are to be married and how one of them has a child to care for. It took me years to come to the realization that we have in many ways drifted apart and the days when I so badly looked forward to meeting them had gone by. Yes we do meet, yet there is something different, something we cannot identify but know fully amongst ourselves exists. That meeting one another isn’t an indulgence anymore, it has a sense of duty to it. The zest we felt before replaced by a hollowness I simply want to get away from perhaps finding it amongst others. Thus we all move on, although it would seem simple to reconcile it is however simply out of our control. Life will not let us go back. But we live and learn and I definitely learnt that they will always have a place in my heart, however begrudgingly I admit that.
Thinking of friends in my life took me further back to my middle school years when my childhood class mates were part of my world. I remember my two very best friends, the three of us so different from one another yet always together. Those first few years of school, the first years of my childhood. I now look back at them with a fondness mingled with melancholy, we had a promise amongst ourselves...

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