The Assassin Short Story Essay

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The Assassin - Short Story

Orange headlights flashed past his face, fading like forgotten dreams.
The night held stillness in its arms, which was thick enough to walk
on. A slow creeping chill stalked through the air, threatening the
onset of icy rain.

When he looked up, the dark mysterious clouds told him that they
promised to cry more tears tonight. A few more cars flew by. Driving,
in the dark country tracks, became dangerous when the rain to falls.
He knew some cars would skid on the curve over the wet ground.

Drawing in a deep breath of the pine-perfumed breeze, he rolled his
shoulders and crouched down beside his riffle. His gaze set on the ...view middle of the document...

The tyres had delicately grinded the
gravel with their black rubber, soaked in rainwater as freshly bathed

It seemed as if the car carried its own little world behind the whit
doors, breathing to the gentle purr of its dying engine and basking in
the fading interior light; completely oblivious to the squalls raging

There was a faint 'click' and the driver door opened to reveal a
slender shapely calf. Gracefully out of the Porsche in her elegant
blue dress suit, arrived the young women of moment he had been waiting
for, the victim herself. She giggled softly as she stepped into the
rain, and Twirled around.

The rain did not seem to dampen her spirits, and her face carried a
carefree child like joy. "I'm singing in the rain. Just singing, in
the rain what a glorious feeling…."

Her voice was sweet soaked in vocal melody as she merrily sung the
famous song. She twirled again outstretching her arms above her head
as if wanting to grasp the rainy heavens against her chest.

"I'm happy again. I'm laughing at clouds. So dark above. The sun's in
my heart. And I'm ready for love." Her keys jingled to their own
little jolly tune. He took off the gun's safety.

"Let the stormy clouds chase everyone away from the place. Come on
with the rain. I've a smile on...

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