The Audience And Writing Essay

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The Audience and Writing

Audience. Just one word yet it stirs frighteningly confusing images of perplexing thoughts in my mind. The word alone is strange, but when put in context of an essay it leaves me baffled and frustrated[d1] . The questions; “What is Audience?” “Why do I need it?” and, “What purpose does it serve?” are important to my finally some day understanding the concept of Audience, but at this point I can’t answer them fully[d2] . I can grasp the understanding of all the other aspects of writing an essay, although I may not incorporate them well in my paper at least I see why they are important. Audience, to me, is not so easy to understand.

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This has been due in part to my unclear definition of what Audience was, and the importance of it. I still do not clearly see the value of a well cut clear Audience, to me one can write a very good essay with definition, character, clear thesis, high tension, and good flow with no clear Audience in mind, take the famous Stephen King and Dean Koonz[d8] .

The first two assignments I wrote for W131 I did with that in mind, I didn’t think that Audience was that important and didn’t take it to seriously[d9] . I thought that Audience would become clear as I wrote my paper, and wasn’t concerned with keeping it in mind as I wrote. When writing Assignment one I kept the goals for the paper in mind as I wrote, but really just sat down at my computer and began to write as I thought about the topic I was wrestling with[d10] . The end result to my paper was a well written paper on an unclear subject that left the reader wondering why they bothered to read it in the first place. There was no direction to my paper, there was a vagueness I couldn’t shake from it[d11] . Disturbed by my end result I moved on to Assignment two with the results from Assignment one in mind. When writing Assignment two I still was not thinking in terms of Audience, and because of that I ended up with a paper similar to my first one. After realizing my success towards writing a better paper was not going as well as I had anticipated I began looking at other papers to see if other people incorporated Audience as an aspect of their essays[d12] .

During peer response for midterm portfolios I looked at how other people wrote their papers, and tried to pick out their intended Audience. With exception of a few I was amazed to see how much more direct and focused the papers I read were compared to my own[d13] . Taking into consideration the context, and different topics, I kept how these people wrote their papers...

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