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The Bad Habit Essay

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The Bad Habit
The early years of my life consisted of not being very productive. Many of the kids around my age were reading books or even studying for big test during the school year. I, however, was focusing on mastering video games or doing physical activities such as play a pickup game of football or basketball. This is why I sometimes struggle with understanding a book or taking a test.
When I was around the age of 10, a new video game came out, making me very excited. All I could think about was how great it would be to have it. The game was a football game called Madden NFL 2006, and not a day went by without me thinking about playing it. My mother was very supportive of me throughout my childhood years and often asked me what I wanted for my birthdays and Christmas.
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After I had taken the plastic off, I slipped the game in the system and explored through the many new features of the game. Everything from playing exhibition games to playing a career with a created player was on this game. I couldn’t get off of it; I was playing it while everyone else was celebrating my birthday downstairs. This day was the start of something terrible, a habit that isn’t necessarily considered well.
The ‘greatness’ didn’t last long with this game because I was already tired of it within the next week or two. The more I played it the more I mastered it, but also the more it was getting old. I didn’t want to play a game that didn’t have anything new or exciting on it, so I stopped playing it. I realized that asking for a football game for my birthday wasn’t ideal and I could have made a better choice, but I learned my lesson until my next birthdays. I wish I wouldn’t have made that first decision to get involved with video games. If I wasn’t engaged in such time wasters, I could be ahead of my game in school and could possibly be more competitive in sports.
Even now I still play video games and do physical activity during sports, but I don’t go as extreme as I did while I was a kid. I focus firstly on school and homework, then I follow with sports, and finally I play video games on my free time. What I am saying is before I watch game film or play a video game, I get my school work done. The only thing I have a problem with still is reading. I don’t read as much as most of my classmates and I think it is a big problem because in college I won’t be on top of my level. As I get older I feel less enthused to play video games and more excited to get my career started with college and a jobs. Hopefully I get to the point where I don’t have this habit anymore and focus directly on my future.

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