The Badlands, The Graduate And The Sound Of Music Movie Comparison

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Film Appreciation - Assignment 1

The Sound of Music:
The Sound of Music is about a woman, called Maria, who’s studying towards becoming a nun and
gets sent away to govern a widowed military commander, Captain Georg Ritter von Trapp, and his
seven children. Resulting in the children coming to like her, she falls in love with the captain - just
as he was about to marry another woman but he doesn’t and rather gets married to Maria. Maria
ends up learning the children to sing while Captain von Trapp is back in service as the Nazis take
over Austria. Maria teaches the children singing. Meanwhile, the Nazis take power in Austria as
part of the Anschluss, and want Captain von ...view middle of the document...

His father’s
partner, Mrs. Robinson, soon seduces him and they started seeing each other behind his parents
back. Mrs. Robinson's’ daughter, Elaine - who she’s warned him about - soon gets set up by his
father on a date even though it didn’t go down like it should’ve when she finds out that he’s having
an affair with her mother.
The Badlands has a very unfinished narrative that sets apart from the clean, linear and resolved
convention. The realism in the film is linked with events that can occur in real life like we don’t
know if the characters ended up being successful in running away from the wedding - it leaves the
audience wondering like what actually happened it often it leaves the audience unsatisfied; this all
is proof that shows that it’s part of the New Wave Hollywood films.
A few stylistics characteristics of this film would be the use of weird camera angles, jarring cuts and
suggestive widescreen shots.

The Badlands:
The Badlands is about a teenager, called Holly, who lives in a small Midwestern town with her sign
painter father. She starts spending time with a James Dean like twin, called Kit, who can’t stick to
one job or seem to settle down. Holly’s father is against the couple being together and Kit ends up
killing her father. The rather complicated couple goes on a road trip/killing spree trying to find some
The insensitive nature of this film already proves that we’re not in the Classical Hollywood film era,
being a tenacious crime film, we can already see that we’ve moved away from the musical genre
from the Classical Hollywood era.
The stylistic characteristics in this film are definitely influenced by the narrative style of the film - a
hint of Film Noir...

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