The Battle Of The Brandywine Essay

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The Battle of the Brandywine was on September 11, 1777, and marked the apparent end of a long period of frustration for the British in North America. Lieutenant-General Sir William Howe, commander of the British forces in North America, it was the first chance he had to come fully to grips with General George Washington's army since the British victory of Long Island. That battle resulted in the loss of New York City to the United States for the remainder of the war. The British commander spent the first part of the summer campaign in New Jersey. Washington's stubborn refusal to risk a major engagement forced the British commander to find another means of forcing battle, and on July 8 he ...view middle of the document...

It was the last natural line of defense before the Schuylkill River, which could be forded at so many points that it was practically indefensible. The Brandywine was fordable at a comparatively small number of places that could, so it seemed, be covered fairly easily. Washington concentrated the American defenses at Chad's Ford, but also prepared to prevent possible British flanking movements to the south or north. Nathaniel Greene composed of the 1st and 2d Virginia Brigades under Brigadier Generals Peter Muhlenberg and George Weedon, was entrusted with the primary defense of Chad's Ford. The most vulnerable point of the American position, as Washington and his generals were well aware, was on the right. Sullivan was therefore ordered to provide adequate cover at the three known fords above Brinton's, namely Painter's, on the morning, Sir William Howe was in the process of dividing his army. Knyphausen marched with 6,800 men along the Nottingham Road directly toward Chad's Ford. His only mission was to engage Washington's attention while Howe marched with 8,200 men northeast from Kennett Square. The Hessian general rallied the Tories and ordered Ferguson's riflemen to take position behind a house. The British cannon promptly began pummeling the American breastwork, and mounted nothing more than a couple of light field pieces. Maxwell had had enough; once his breastwork had been outflanked, he ordered a withdrawal across the creek, a maneuver carried out in good order despite close pursuit by Knyphausen's troops. Washington had moved his headquarters to the heights where Procter's guns were stationed in order to observe the commotion.Major Joseph Spear of the militia arrived at Sullivan's headquarters and reported that he had just returned from a morning reconnaissance along the Great Valley Road without detecting any sign of the British. Sullivan was suspicious of the report and hesitated before sending it along to Washington, understanding it might mean an end to the attack on Knyphausen. Howe move up the Great Valley Road was only a feint followed by a countermarch back to Chad's Ford, Washington's planned attack across the creek might well end in disaster. Sullivan sent the report and Washington called off the attack. The British crossed the west branch of the Brandywine at Trimble's Ford. By this point, with the British already moving toward his rear, Washington had no choice but to make defensive dispositions. Sullivan had meanwhile received another report from Bland of British movements. Washington responded by ordering Sullivan to abandon Brinton's Ford and join Stirling and Stephen near Birmingham meeting-house, where Sullivan would take overall command of the three divisions. Howe knew his dominating position and could afford to show a "Cheerful Countenance" to his officers, with whom he chatted amiably as he observed the American deployments. His troops meanwhile formed into line for the critical assault on Birmingham Hill. The attack...

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