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The Beautiful And Damned Essay

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The Beautiful and Damned

1. About the author
Francis Scott Fitzgerald, who named for his distant cousin, Francis Scott Key, was one of the best known American authors of the 1920s and '30s and he is closely associated with the era of "Jazz Age." Fitzgerald's stories often featured people like himself: middle-American characters spoiled with the wealth and status of upper-crust society. Fitzgerald was a popular celebrity of these days and along with his wife, Zelda, became famous for their extravagant lifestyle and controversial behavior. His major published novels include This Side of Paradise, The Great Gatsby, and Tender Is the Night.
The Beautiful and Damned is the 2nd Fitzgerald’s ...view middle of the document...

Their life was consumed by these dreams, but the expectation of money took it longer than planned, their world of illusions and dreams started to ruin, and so did their life. With no real purpose and discipline, Anthony became an alcoholic and Gloria became helpless with her fading beauty and boredom of such an empty life – no children, no more beauty, no more perfect husband. In the end they got the inheritance, but it’s too late: Anthony’s physically and mentally broken, and Gloria is no more interested in family life.

3. Characters, their weak and strong points
• Anthony Patch. He’s a graduate of Harvard, a man who dreams to become a writer, but, as it may sound as ridicule, does everything to avoid becoming a writer. He was born to be rich and wallow in luxury and takes everything for granted. So, when he faces hard times he can’t force himself to organize his life, and it gets even worse, leading to his depression and alcohol addiction. He’s shown by the author as a weak person, who’s not serious and responsible. In the beginning of his relationship with Gloria he seems to be romantic, caring and reliable – these are good qualities that Anthony possesses; as he gets more disappointed in his life, he turns into an exasperating drunk, who ruined his life with his own arms.

• Gloria Gilbert Patch seems to be too egocentric. From her teen ages she had been admired by men. Gloria believes in the privileges of her beauty. Her biggest dream was to be young and beautiful forever. But the beauty can’t stay forever, but she didn’t want to realize it. As the time goes she loses her chance to become an actress. She fades in her empty life with Anthony. The problems of a real life change her selfish personality as she never expected to be a wife...

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