The Beginning Lesson Plan Essay

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“The Beginning”

I. Objectives

At the end of the session, the students should be able to;
1. Activate their schema of good and evil; right and wrong
2. Note details
3. Discuss their ideas about the story
4. Organize ideas and put them into writing
5. Relate the story into real life situations

II. Subject Matter

Topic: The begining
Materials: Photocopy
Value Statement: Betrayal never comes from an enemy

III. Procedure

A. Pre-reading activities:

Task: The two sides of the Coin

Instructions: Random pictures will be flashed into the screen. The students must be able to associate these with two opposing ideas from the pictures flashed. The teacher will give an example through the first picture.

Give a brief example a view on good and evil.
Then give a short introduction about Greek myth.

B. During Reading Activities

Before letting the students read, flash these guide ...view middle of the document...

Justify each characteristic by giving examples.


The class will be divided into three groups via count of. Each of the first 2 groups will be given a specific story to work on (Gaea and Uranus, The war with the titans,) and the.
They must be able to recreate the scenario in the story in any possible manner they could (singing, dancing, skit etc) so long as the idea of the story is still present in their presentation.
The third group would be tasked to critique the performance of each group by documenting the before; during; and after of the performances. Their comments will also be heard after the performance of the first two groups. They will be given 15 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes for each group to present.

Guide Questions:
1. Who are the characters in your story?
2. What kind of personality do the characters in your story have?
3. Where did the story happen?
4. What kind of connection can you see with the scenes and the plot in your story?
5. What can you say about the story?

CRITERIA | Outstanding4 | Satisfactory3 | Developing2 | Beginning1 | Rating |
Organization/Collaboration | All members contribute in the completion of the assigned task. | Most members contribute in the completion of the assigned task. | Some members contribute in the completion of the assigned task. | Few members contribute in the completion of the assigned task. | |
Content/ information Presented | Presentation of information is in depth and comprehensive and strongly adheres to the theme | Message is well organized but not well presented. | Message missed some important details. | Message not well constructed. | |
Audience impact | Presentation is well rehearsed with smooth delivery that holds audience attention | Presentation is rehearsed with fairly smooth delivery that holds audience attention most of the time. | Delivery is not smooth but is able to maintain interest of the audience most of the time. | Delivery is not smooth and audience attention is often lost. | |
| | | | TOTAL | |

V. Evaluation

1. Look up for any literary material that has a similar content with the “The Beginning”
2. Write a comparative essay about your chosen material and “The Beginning”

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