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The Bell Jar Essay

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Herman Grewal
May 18th, 2011
The Bell Jar Research Paper
Mr. Kindle
10:00 class
The Bell Jar Research Paper
Edward James Hughes, more famously known as Ted Hughes, was married to Sylvia Plath prior to her suicide and has been thought to be the reason for her suicide. Hughes was an English poet and children’s writer. He is considered to be one of the best poets of his time and was given the title of British Poet Laureate, which is rewarded only to best of writers. In 2008, The Times ranked Hughes fourth on their list of “The 50 Greatest British writers since 1945”.
Hughes was born on August 17th, 1930, in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire. He was raised on a farm and this greatly built ...view middle of the document...

George the Martyr Holborn, on June 16th, 1956, just four months after they met. Hughes commented that he could see differences between himself and Plath, but said that they were very happy as they both went on to pursue their writing careers. Later, they moved to America to teach at the University of Massachusetts. Then, they returned to England, finding a small flat in Primrose Hill, London. Then in 1961, they bought the house, Court Green, in North Tawton, Devon. They lived there with their children Frieda and Nicholas. In the summer of 1962, Hughes began having an affair with Assia Wevill, who had been living in the Primrose Hill flat with her husband. In the autumn of the same year, Hughes, and Plath separated, and Plath began living in a new flat with the children.
Spring of 1963, Plath took her own life. Hughes was greatly overwhelmed by this. Some argued that Hughes was an abusive husband, which drove Plath to suicide. Feminists threatened to kill Hughes in Plath’s name. In 1970, a feminist poet, Robin Morgan, published a poem openly accusing Hughes of murdering Plath. In 1969, when Wevill ended up committing suicide, and also taking the life of their child, in the same fashion as Plath, Hughes was again criticized as being abusive to both Plath and Wevill. In 1970, Hughes married Carol Orchard, a nurse, and they remained together until his death. Before he died, he was appointed a member of the Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth II. On October 28th, 1998, Hughes suffered a fatal heart attack, while already in a hospital being treated for colon...

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