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The Beneficial Outcomes Of Being Gay

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Being gay or lesbian is often times automatically deemed as being a negative thing. From the thought process that the person is “different” and a minority, to being looked down upon by both society,peers, and family, being gay is not primarily connected to positive traits. Being same sex oriented does however give these people a unique life experience and perspective. Being a minority automatically gives them their own unique set of characteristics and cultural norms, some of which may be positive. Having an increase in resilience, a healthy body image,creating families of choice, freedom from gender-specific roles, exploring sexuality and enjoying egalitarian relationships are the many ...view middle of the document...

They were interviewed in their own homes or the location of their choosing using a semi-structured questionnaire. Responses were audio-taped and transcribed”(Hrostowski 2006). Susan chose Mississippi because states in the deep south often times persecute minorities or marginalized groups more harshly than others. Looking at same sex oriented people over sixty years old under these circumstances allows for a greater understanding of the remarkable resilience that elders show even in the toughest of situations. . This resilience study of older gay men and lesbians has shown that members of this “population demonstrate a "crisis competence" (Kimmel, 1978) gained through experiencing and coping with the trauma of coming out, marginalization and persecution” (Hrostowski 2006) . This shows how being exposed to oppression and struggle then subsequently leads to a high resilience rate, which is undoubtedly a positive outcome to a negative situation. Having crisis competence is a useful aid to manage and navigate stressful situations successfully. Older gay and lesbian people report to live happy and fulfilling lives according to this study. This happy lifestyle can be traced back to gays and lesbians having developed a strong crisis competence and ability to navigate through oppressions. Another view that is addressed by Hrostowski is that of successful aging .“Role changes associated with aging may be less severe for the gay adult since flexible gender roles throughout the lifespan have enabled the development of independence and positive self- attributions" ( Hrostowski,2006). This acquisition of flexible roles shields gay people from the shock of transitioning into late adulthood. They have been primed, in some ways, to be very adaptable and survive happily under changing or imperfect conditions. While many heterosexual people may have the above mentioned traits, there is a distinct correlation between having these positive traits and experiencing life as a gay man or lesbian woman.
Next the idea of some positive traits acquired from being gay is authored by Letitia Anne Peplau,David A. Frederick,Curtis Yee,Natalya Maisel,Janet Lever and Negin Ghavami ,in a journal article entitled Body Image Satisfaction in Heterosexual, Gay, and Lesbian Adults. The question posed by the authors is whether or not being heterosexual or gay has a correlation with body dissatisfaction rates. The research was conducted through several brief questionnaires posted online. The sample size was that of 2,512 people. Participants were tracked using IP addresses to assure that they only answered one questionnaire. Some measures used were the Overweight Preoccupation Scale, measuring how much participants thought about their weight in a negative light or were consumed with the thought they were overweight. The Body Image Quality of Sex Life Item was used to measure how much participants feelings about their bodies affected their sex lives, whether the effect was positive,...

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