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The Benefit Of Reading Novel For English Literature Students In Translation Class

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The Benefit of Reading Novel for English Literature Students in Translation Class
Maria Oktaviarini
Sanata Dharma University Jogjakarta

This paper describes a research about the effect of reading novel that usually does by each student in English Literature Department. The writer wants to tell about how the activity may improve their skill in translating text. the writer will take a class of students in English Literature Department in 6th semester as the subject. This Paper also describes the result of a questionnaire to find the answer of the question that the writer has said before.

Some lecturer said that more we read book, so more we know many things included how to interpret some sentences or and books. By reading books of course we try to find the main meaning that the books tell to us. Then, as students who are study in English Department, we find many kinds of text book in English. It also happens in students in English ...view middle of the document...

To conduct this research, the writer will give them a questionnaire. By answering the questionnaire, it helps the writer to analyze of its effect. There are only seven questions in a questionnaire to answer for each student. So, in the answering the questionnaire the students will not many time. The research also may help the reader later, if the reader is a teacher or lecturer in other English department, they may know that reading novel really help students in translate some text or not. If yes, they may imitate this way to teach their students in translation class or may be in other subjects. But if this activity in fact does not really help students in translate some kinds of text, the lecturer who have used this way may change or think more about how to improve students’ ability in translation. So this research may only useful for the writer but also for the reader later.


The research that conducts by the writer is a quantitative research which is different with the previous one that used qualitative research. According to Ary, Jacobs, Razavieh (2002:22-24), quantitative research uses objective measurement and statistical analysis of numeric data to understand and explain phenomena. In this quantitative research, the writer use questionnaire to collect the data. The data itself will come from the students of English Literature who are now staying in the 6th semester. The collecting data activity will take place in one class so in the other hand the writer will take a class of students as the representative to fill the questionnaire questions.
The questions in the questionnaire just will be around reading novel activity. The writer make the design like this in order to know how reading activity affect their knowledge in translation. Is it beneficial for them or not. Then the writer wants to know that the frequencies of reading novel are really helping them or not. The writer does not only write the close-ended question but several questions have open-ended question. The writer do this because the writer wants to know the reasons for each students that will be given in order to help more the writer in later to analyze the data.


Ary, D., L. C. Jacobs, A. Razavieh. 2002. Introduction to Research in Education (6th edition). Canada: Thomson Learning, Inc.

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