The Benefit Of The Rise Of China

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The Chinese economy has contributed positively to world economic growth for decades, with a pivotal role during the global financial crisis. China’s integration into the global economy has brought one-fifth of the global population into the world trading system, which has increased global market potential and integration to unprecedented levels. However, as China’s role in political and economic issues increases, many believe that the rise of China will bear more disadvantages than advantages, while others believe that nothing but good can come from the creation of an additional global superpower.
The debate over China’s economic growth began 2007, when Wen Jiabao described the Chinese ...view middle of the document...

The 2.3 million strong People’s Liberation Army is rapidly developing high-tech weaponry ranging from stealth fighters, to precision missiles, to nuclear submarines. Many countries believe that when it comes to military power, China’s ultimate goal is clearly to project power and significance. Although China is not yet considered a military superpower, as their army increases, along with their technological military advancements, it is believed that it will not be long until China claims superpower status both militarily as well as economically.
Those who believe that China’s rise brings nothing but advantages often believe that the rise of China, and its wake in India, Brazil, and Europe, will create a “multipolar world.” In this “multipolar world”, it is believed that no one will hold a hegemonic position. The constant constraint caused by checks and balances, as well as the need to work together in the face of threats from terrorism, energy insecurity, or climate change, would cause the great powers to develop into what Hillary Clinton has called, “a multi-partner world.”
China is well known for its significant role in the manufacturing of a substantial portion of the everyday goods the world uses today. Its [China’s] vast pool of cheap labor and its absence of social and environmental restraints means China can essentially undercut the rest of the world. Those who disagree with China’s rise claim that the country’s unfair practices are eliminating jobs around the world. China’s constant failure to protect intellectual property rights means that competitors are often ripped off and consumers are left with substandard counterfeits. China’s insatiable demand is pushing up world prices for oil as well...

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