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The Benefit Of Using Teams Essay

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I believe that the vast array of benefits that teams are capable of bringing to an organization outweigh the potential downsides of a poorly constructed team. Teams can provide outstanding results, greater than the combined inputs of the individuals; but only when the design of the team has been constructed while taking into account many important factors and considerations. The output of a poorly designed team is often miserable failure at accomplishing the intended goal. It is therefore a critical component when employing teamwork that close attention be paid to several criteria when designing the team in order to guarantee the highest chances of success.
Successful teams require group members with complimentary sets of skills. This minimizes the potential for social loafing among ...view middle of the document...

Allowing members to choose responsibilities in areas where they excel and aligning each person behind a common goal early on is an effective way to provide individual accountability and reduce the chances of failure or social loafing.
Teams provide many benefits to the organization. Primarily, a diverse sample of team members will learn from one another and produce work that is of a higher quality due to the synergy of ideas that takes place in a group setting. Teamwork promotes the implementation of new ideas by placing individuals with varying backgrounds in a position to debate the merits of the idea and offer diverse suggestions on how to best integrate it into the workplace or product. Teams can also save money for the organization both by increasing productivity via synergy of its members and also by providing many of the benefits of an outside consultant when the group is operating effectively. In the event that something happens to a group member, teams provide a system of continuity that would be impossible with an individual. New team members can also be trained and brought up to speed more quickly in a team environment, reducing the expenses incurred with hiring new employees.
The many benefits that teamwork brings to the table in an organization provide significant reasons to consider their expanded usage on projects requiring creativity and innovation. It is critical for the organization to take the time in the early formative stages to carefully design the group and deliberately select its members in a way that compliments each other. If this hurdle is cleared early on, the team can become a cohesive and communicative resource that is greater than the sum of its components. Both in the private and public sector, teams have led many companies and departments to achieve high levels of performance and great results.

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