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The Benefits Of Making A Healthy Lifestyle Change

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Diet related disease is currently the largest cause of death in the United States of America. (TEDtalks) We can make a change to help decrease those numbers, the change starts with your personal health. By decreasing the amount of processed food you consume and increasing the amount of fresh produce you eat, and how much you exercise, you are actively improving the quality of your physical health. You can help others by encouraging them to do the same. Though it may feel like you are indestructible at this point in your life, it is imperative to take care of your body now, so it remains in good condition as you age. What we eat now is impacting our future, which is why it is essential to ...view middle of the document...

( To stay active, a regular exercise schedule should be constructed. Children ages 6-17 are supposed to exercise for at least an hour each day. They should focus their efforts on aerobics, though core and arm strengtheners should be practiced for three hours weekly as well. (
Together exercise and proper eating leads to a happier, more productive lifestyle.
Part of making healthy eating decisions is learning to moderate (you don’t have to eliminate) your intake of junk foods and processed foods. These foods need to regulated because they are the root of many diet linked health issues. Processed foods supply only excess nutrient, left over after they are refined. They are also very high in sugar and salt, which work as preservatives and flavor and texture enhancers. Excess sugar and salt accumulation in the liver from eating these processed foods, is converted into triglycerides (fat) which leads to your body becoming sick and unbalanced (National Geographics). A sick and unbalanced body in turn can lead to weight gain, which increases your susceptibility to weight linked diseases and conditions. These diseases include type two diabetes, heart disease, cancer and hypertension. Poor diet can also increase your chances of developing sleep apnea, gallstones, ulcers, skin infections, infertility, back pain, and high cholesterol. These conditions heighten the risk of stroke, heart attacks, or even death (Medi weightloss, webMD,
There is, of course, like with all things, other sides to this issue. There is several ways to incorporate various opinions on eating, that will benefit all parties. One possibly conflicting factor is the idea that healthy eating is too expensive, and not affordable for all families. Though this is not entirely true. One way to acquire fruits and vegetables is to grow them yourself in a garden, this way you only have to pay for the seeds and the water necessary to cultivating your own crops. If you don’t have access to a green space for gardening, purchasing canned, frozen, or dried produce is a viable option, it’s not as ideal as fresh produce though it is less costly. There is also plenty easy, affordable, healthy meal recipes on the internet. The same goes for exercise. There is no need for a gym membership or enrollment in a team sport, instead go for a run or bike ride around the block (make sure to use a sidewalks and bicycle lanes), or do push ups and situps on a mat, or go to the community pool and swim laps, all these exercises meet physical activity requirements. Another belief is that life is too short, to waste on eating healthy foods. A great compromise in this area would be to practice everything in moderation. After eating your treat for the day have a healthy snack. There is different ways to compromise and get around each of these issues, without compromising your health.
The best way to make a lifestyle change such as amending your...

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