The Best Way For A Society To Prepare Its Young People For Leadership In Government, Industry Or Other Fields Is By Instilling In Them A Sense Of Cooperation, Not Competition

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The assertion that the best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry or other fields is by instilling in them spirit of cooperation & not competition is a controversial one. One viewpoint is that instilling the sense of cooperation in young individuals is the best way to prepare them for leadership in each and every field. While, the other viewpoint is that developing the sense of competition in the youth of the society is necessary to prepare it for the leadership in various fields. However, the final analysis is that developing the sense of cooperation in young individuals is the best way to prepare them for leadership in each and every field.

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Hence, developing the sense of cooperation in young individuals rather than the sense of competitiveness is necessary.

Secondly, the other reason why we should stress cooperation in nurturing young people today is that, as tomorrow's leaders, they will face pressing societal problems that simply cannot be solved apart from cooperative international efforts. For example, all nations will need to cooperate in an effort to disarm themselves of weapons of mass destruction; to reduce harmful emissions which destroy ozone and warm the Earth to dangerous levels; to reduce consumption of the Earth's finite natural resources; and to cure and prevent diseases before they become global epidemics Otherwise, we all risk. self-destruction. In short, global peace, economic stability, and survival of the species provide powerful reasons for developing educational paradigms that stress cooperation over competition.

A third reason why instilling a sense of cooperation is to be preferred over instilling a sense of competition is that the latter serves to narrow a leader's focus on thwarting the efforts of competitors. With such tunnel vision it is difficult to develop other, more creative means of attaining organizational objectives. Moreover, such means often involve synergistic solutions that call for alliances, partnerships, and other cooperative efforts with would-be competitors.

At the same time, it is equally important for a spirit of competition to remain alive. Competition gives a motivation to grow up and at the same time, it creates...

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