The Bible Among Myths By John Oswalt

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John N. Oswalt, curiosity about the study of the Bible and theological

questions was influenced in the 1960s, during his graduate studies at Asbury Theological

Seminary. Followed by further education in Theology, triggered a facet of questions during his

time at Harvard Divinity. William F. Albright, a scholar proposed the questions the Israelites of

the Old Testament and their reasoning about there beliefs. The ...view middle of the document...

Giving credit to Israelite people experience with faith, indicated that Oswalt will use the

Bible story experience illustrated faith. We experience faith in everyday life whether we

realize it or not whether we believe the word of God or myths.

Chapter 1

The western world has been founded on a certain way of looking at reality. This was the

beginning of John N. Oswalt, premises to his argument to show that making the Bible out to be a

myth is false. Still giving credit to the thought of scholars searching for the depth of truth of

reality. The study of scholars and Greek Philosophers believed there had to be some type of

connecting force in the universe that brought all things together. They proposed and started the

started the theory in investing this very “thought”. Trying to make sense of why things happen

but we cannot always physically see the cause. Humans seem to negate the evidence of truth in

the Bible, through science and paying close attention to series of events. It obviously has been a

question for decades searching the reality of creation. Why we are living? What are

we to worship? What should we take pleasure in? What is godly and what

isn’t? And so forth.

Oswalt, ability to show the views of the Greeks and Hebrews outlined by mythical and

experience by there test of Israelites faith. Greeks, believed the effects of life were caused by a

unforeseeable force. Their beliefs in myths was illustrated in the Greek play, The Bacchae,

depicting the worship of a wine god. Oswalt, concluded Hebrews had declarations made by

prophets Nehemiah, Ezra, and Malachi.Were simple instructions to their faith. Lack of

obedience and worship to Yahweh, the only God, resulted in Israel’s defeat to Babylon and

Assyrian tyrants. What the Greek paid no attention to the Hebrews had difficulty understand.

Hence, why it seems the theological answer about God, now was pursued through science for

further Studies.
Chapter 2

Oswalt, was able to point out through his own research that myth was not even a

category to place the Bible in. In addition he used another scholarly source Arthur Weiser to

point out the Bible connection to monotheism, the belief of one God. The revolutionary turn in

the study of deity shifted much during the scholarly points given. Points of the Bible being

evolutionary, locus revelation, and the thinking of the Bibles integrity containing wrong

information. This is evidence of critical thinking is random and wide range of opinions by

scholars is not reliable information to prove the Bible to be considered a myth. Philosophical

definition suggest under social, literal, and etymology. What is concluded for all three categories

they all tell “stories of gods” (Oswalt p. 39).

Oswalt, goes on to show how broad all these definitions are and lack solid...

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