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The Bill Of Rights And Administration Of Justice And Security

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The Bill of Rights and Administration of Justice and Security

The comparisons between the Bill of Rights to the Administration of Justice and Security in America are many. This paper will focus on the Bill of Rights and in particular the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the Bill of Rights and how they compare to the Administration of Justice and Security.
When defining justice many in this country are raised to believe justice stands for fairness, punishment for those who commit crime, equality between all citizens, and individual rights of each citizen. There are those in this country that have been accused of crimes and believe they were guilty before ...view middle of the document...

To compare the administration of justice and security to the Sixth amendment you would need to address the issues as a criminal justice administrator as what to you need to do to ensure citizens rights are protected under the Sixth amendment. Those rights a criminal justice administrator would need to adhere to would be to ensure that the defendant is made aware of all the charges against them and that they have fair and complete access to legal counsel in all matters pertaining to the charges.
As a criminal justice administrator you could be placed on the side of either concerned party, working for the defense or prosecution, in either circumstance criminal justice administrators must be prepared to handle either occurrence. As criminal justice administrators we work with the Bill of Rights in mind, we assist in ensuring the rights of all parties concerned are not being violated, either through a violation of the rights of a defendant or victim.
The Sixth amendment today is a much contested amendment, currently many argue that the detention of possible terrorist suspects without trial is a violation of this amendment however, many of those incarcerated for possible terrorist acts are not U.S. citizens and the belief is that they are not afforded the rights of U.S. citizens under the Sixth amendment. The sixth amendment does provide for those basic rights which we as Americans have.
Under the first amendment of the Bill of Rights laws are not to be instituted that violate the establishment of one’s religion, or their freedom of speech or the freedom of the press to report what they view. The first amendment also includes that we as Americans are allowed to assemble peaceably and allow for U.S. citizens to protest and file grievance against any laws or polices we deem unacceptable.
The first amendment was originally formed to control only the congress, but in later years was directed towards state government and local governments alike. The freedom of speech which the first amendment protects was a major focus for the founding fathers and still holds very true with many American Civil Liberty advocates. However not all suppression of speech by the state is necessarily a violation of the first amendment under the freedom of speech even though the belief by many is that it is a violation. It is also necessarily of violation of freedom of speech of private venues suppress freedom of speech; the only thing that matters is what the context of the violation may have been.
Speech does not necessarily mean vocal but artistic and symbol, those who may decide to wear swastikas or other Para-military anti-government slogans are not in violation of law and are protected by the first amendment to do so as long as it remains a peaceful assembly. However if those trying to express their freedom of speech by defacing private or public property this is not protected under law and those responsible will be held accountable. As administration of...

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