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The Black And White Of Abortion

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The Black and White of Abortion

Abortion is arguably the most controversial issue that exists today. Abortion is a religious matter, questioning the humanity of a fetus and if one has the right to kill it. This issue also causes disagreement between men and women, and whether women have the right to bodily autonomy. Furthermore, abortion questions which right is stronger, the right to bodily autonomy or the right to life. Mary Anne Warren and Judith Jarvis Thomson have similar stances on the issue, although both claim to be pro-choice. Thomson, through the famous violinist example, argues women have the right to bodily autonomy, which is stronger than a fetus’s right to life. Warren, ...view middle of the document...

She believes abortions are permissible, but only in the case of rape. If a woman irresponsibly gets pregnant, Thomson would tell her she has no moral obligation to have the child, but should do so anyways because it is the right thing to do. Going back to what most Christians believe, they would tell this very same woman she must have the child, because the child’s right to life is more important than the mother’s right to bodily autonomy.
The second issue that abortion raises is whether the mother has the right to decide what happens in and to her own body. Or is that right someone else’s? “No uterus, no opinion” is a popular phrase thrown around regarding abortion. Many women say men should play no role whatsoever in deciding what happens to her body. I believe this is partly true. Sure, the government has absolutely no right to tell a woman she can or can’t abort her potential child, but let me paint a different picture for you. Imagine you are a man, early 30s, married seven years to a woman you love more than anything. You are ready to take the next step in life and become a father, but your wife is not. She gets pregnant, but has made it very clear she does not want the child. She wants an abortion. Does the father have the right to voice his opinion and help decide what happens to his unborn child? Who is to say? You can see when it comes to abortion, no clear right or wrong side exists.
I grew up in a house with a pro-choice mother and a pro-life father, so my stance on abortion is not so black and white. I am pro-choice, but being pro-choice has its general misconceptions. I am not pro-abortion. In fact, I don’t support abortions at all. I agree with Thomson in that in specific cases, such as rape, abortions are permissible. But, I disagree with her in that the fetus has no right to the use of the woman’s body. Becoming pregnant is completely different from her famous violinist example. Thomson is not taking into consideration how a person becomes attached to the famous violinist or how a woman becomes pregnant. She is simply asking the question of once either of these circumstances do happen, are you morally responsible for determining their fate? In her example, a person is involuntarily attached to the...

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