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The Black Man Essay

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I am the hands that many touch and hold, And the hands that passes through the lives of many, I have no shape or size, but indefinite form.I am the hand that rocks the cradle, And thy glorifies my every step The ground that I touch is sacred, But has no boundary that stops me.I caress the body and soul of women, And take the love and worship that is for me as an abundance.Love everyone, but show no passion towards them, I use sex as an objective in my daily planner, And give it to women as if I was the best, But do not realize how ...view middle of the document...

I try to carry the flame with me as I move on to death, But damn if day by day it burns out, Is it that I don't understand what I have done? Is it that I don't know who I am?, Or is it that I am a fathers' son.When I leave this earth, where will I go, who shall I run to, For I realize that I was reliving the life of my father, but not my life.I soon think that he didn't care about me, but wanted me to be as much of a augury, useful excuse of a black man as he was.As I think of how he treated my mother, I soon realize that I am not a fathers' son, but I am my father.I have many questions that I can't produce, but try to fertile them to a high extent.From here I do not understand who, what, when, where, why, and how, and as I approach death, this feeling will conquer my soul, As I venture to life after death in hell, Whereas I am not certain if the lord will forgive me for where I am, and what I have done.Now I wish that I could change the rainy days, and long dark nights that I spent away from home, and that my ex-wife would take me back.I want to be with my sons, and I want to teach them not to be like me, but to be strong, and to be not a womanizer, such as all the older men in their lives.I......................... (to be continued)

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