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The Black Plague Dbq Essay

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“If the wonders of nature were to be fully explored for the benefit of man, prejudices and errors of the past would have to be discarded”The Black Plague was the only event in history that made a noticeable decrease on the human population chart. It installed so much death and fear upon the residents of Europe that it interfered with their normal function. With the religious fervor of the time, the plague made the Europeans believe that God was punishing them for their sins. Added to the severe extent of superstitions and lack of scientific knowledge, this made people go to extreme and bizarre lengths to try to protect themselves from the wrath. When these extreme measures ...view middle of the document...

She was so overjoyed that she didn’t even think of attributing this “miracle” to anything other than divine intervention. Such stories contributed to the spread of these practices and superstitions. Document 2 discusses how the streets and homes of England were filthy. This is significant because the author insists that this uncleanliness was the original cause of the plague. This shows us that not everyone looked to religion for answers.Fear was one of the greatest contributors to the decline of society during the plague. A whopping third of the European population died from it. When the rituals failed the inhabitants had to live with the fact that everyone around them was dying and they couldn’t do anything about it. They had to live under the constant threat that they will be the next to get afflicted, the next to die. Document 8 describes just this. Here a housewife talks about her fear of family members dying from the plague. I think it’s interesting that she is listing the people she would “give up” to the disease in order, as though she has a choice. This suggests that she is at the bargaining stage of mourning, even though none of her family has yet been afflicted. This shows that the fear of the disease was almost as terrible as the actual dealing with it. This fear was represented in the way the residents of Europe lived their lives during the greatest outfalls of plague. Document 5 discusses how the afflicted were literally shut inside their own homes. The cities gave up their sense of morality and let the plague victims starve rather rather than increase the chance of further contamination. Documents 12 and 13 discuss how people succumbed to the fear and stopped doing normal tasks, such as...

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