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The Black Robe Essay

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Movies and Film provide two very different aspects to the reader or viewer while engaged in the story. In each form there is something that the other lacks but overall the book is the one that tends to give the most complete experience to the reader, if that person has even the slightest imagination. The movie and film written by Brian Moore "Black Robe" provides ...view middle of the document...

Before watching the film I had images created by my imagination about each character, scene and environments. Although the film is set in a beautiful part of Canada, background is the only piece where movies can outdo the mind in this story.A film is limited most in the workings of a characters mind. The thoughts that run through a characters head cannot be shown through pictures. Many key emotions were left out of the film or not shown in depth. For example one of the most memorable scenes in the mind of the reader is when Father Laforgue frustrated turns into the woods without leaving any marks and in return gets lost very quickly. His reasoning for entering the woods so quickly without thinking clearly of its dangers is made clear in both the book and the film, the sounds of Mestigoit's banging drum are especially powerful in the sounds of the film clearly pushing the Father further in the woods.

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