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Happy Birthday my dear son.... You may have forgotten me but I still love you and may God Almighty bless you always......writes Mrs. Esther, the mother of Michael. Esther is no more but the letter she wrote and posted from the “Little Angels House for the Aged” is still cherished by her son Michael who is forty years old today. On every Birthday he starts his day with this letter that his mom had sent to him years ago. A feeling of deep guilt stabs him each time he reads through the tattered letter......
Mrs Esther was an epitome of endurance, patience and perseverance and a symbol of love for all. She was an angel. She became a widow ...view middle of the document...

She would remain hungry for nights together praying for Micheal. Her little piece of advice would then become a boring lecture session for Michael . His obvious irritations were a stab in her heart but then she would endure it all with a smile.
Years passed by and Michael grew up to be a man and then a husband and then a father.....His mother grew old and all the years of her toiling made her weak and fragile . She would stumble and her hands would shake. Michael and his children would giggle when she would stumble and then make fun of her.... Her old age made her throat weak enough to even swallow hard food but then Micheal’s wife would make only items of her choice..... Poor old Esther would still pray for their well being and forgive them. Her heart would bleed and tears would roll down her wrinkled cheeks.
Seasons changed as per schedule. Winter season crept in...Snow is falling all over. It is Christmas time. Michael would buy toys, gifts and decorate the house ....His friends would come for merry making and he would lock his mom inside a room so that she does not come out to meet them. His beloved mother became a problem for him and his family. Her wrinkled face and shaking hands, her shabby attire were all a mess for them. Mrs Esther would lie down on her old cot where her life partner slept and breathed his last...remembering her old days when Micheal would wait for her to bake a cake and sing the song ...jingle bells.....his gang of little friends would come home and they would relish the cake together.....Old age made her weak and sick. She remembered those golden days when little Michael would come...

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