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Explain the relevance of the Marketing Concept to the 21st Century business of your choice?

This essay will explain the relevance of the Marketing Concept to the 21st century business the Body Shop International plc. As well this will observe how Anita Roddick successfully adapted marketing concept to the Body Shop by creating satisfied happy customers and company goal achievement.
There have been a growing number of companies over the years which influenced the increasing density of the business, different marketing concept have used to boost the businesses. Many of authors have found different ways to customise marketing concepts and one of the earliest famous people ...view middle of the document...

The Body Shop started life as a small outfit in Brighton selling just 25 products. Now the range consists of over 1200 products and there are more than 2500 stores worldwide. The company employs over 4000 employees. (Chester, 2011) The Body Shop is now part of the largest French cosmetics the L’Oreal corporate group. (Milmo, 2006)
The Company has always believed a business is not about making profit, worldwide growth and recognition. Even more than that because, The Body Shop is about different relationships types such as human, employee, customer, human to environment and human to animals. However, The Body Shop market and everyone else goes all around and it is very important the Company listens to employees what they have to say and involving them in all the decision-making processes.
The Body Shop has successfully created a niche market, which is composed of more socially aware and environmentally conscious consumers that are out in the market looking for new and original products.
“Customers expect a degree of benefit from purchasing or using a product or service. However, they may actually want something more” (Hooley et al. 2012, p.23). The Body Shop has maintained its value over the years through the use of its natural ingredient from a wide range of product from Body scrubs, shampoo, make up, moisturises etc. The Body Shop customers’ can be proud being not only beautiful but also promoting nature. The most unique fact about the Body Shop is that, the company uses only vegetable based materials for its products. It is also against Animal testing-which means a company has to comply with the very strict requirements of the Humane Cosmetics Standard. This standard was set by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) and is regarded as the highest standard for animal welfare in the cosmetics industry. They audit the Body Shop regularly to ensure a company comply. The Body Shop also every two years must check policies and compliances to ensure a company is adhering to the latest animal-welfare guidelines. Second, supports community trade, a body shop has 25 Community Fair Trade suppliers and still looking more and more of them. Third a company is running an activate Self Esteem which is philosophy that looking good stems directly from feeling good. Where legislation allows, a Body Shop encourages employees to learn new skills through Learning is of Value to Everyone (LOVE) initiative. By funding a range of training courses, events and health treatments, a company aims to enhance staff's sense of well being. Finally Defend Human Rights this is awareness of the issues and taboos surrounding HIV and AIDS. In the last two years a Body Shop helped raise £1.1m for the Staying Alive Foundation, a grassroots youth–awareness project which aims to educate at-risk communities on safe sex, HIV and living with AIDS.
Body Shop deserves respect for putting human values above a quick buck. (Glennie, 2010) Thus it is completely following...

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