The Book Of Job Theological Issues And Doubts Through Each Verse

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JOB.This is a book that deals with good and evil and yet fails to mention once a reward or punishment in the afterlife. This is probably a gentile book translated for a Hebrew audience; Job does not know the Israelite name for Yahweh and he himself comes from northern Arabia. The whole purpose of the book apparently is to explain the cause of suffering, and yet it gives no answer at all. Sometimes it is to punish sins. Sometimes it is to warn others not to sin. Sometimes, as in the case of Job, there is no damn reason at all. All we are told after asking tonnes of valid theosophical questions is not to bother asking.i.6-12: Satan is presented here literally as Yahweh's right-hand man who ...view middle of the document...

ix.6: Job again states that the earth is fixed on a foundation by way of pillars which God can shaketh.ix.7: Another reason why the Bible isn't an appropriate textbook in schools: God can stop the sun from rising by commanding it not to move which it doesn't do anyway, and sealeth the stars.xiii.15: Job here is defending the idea of this book: if there is a god and he is worth worshipping, then he must respect my honesty over unthinking subservience. I may be wrong in my beliefs but I believe them and therefore god must respect that.ix.6: Job claims that the earth is supported on pillars.ixx.27: Job makes the common assumption already noted in that the kidneys (reins) controls the feelings of conscience.xv.15: Even heaven isn't pure as Jesus admitted in Mat.xiii.41. But if Yahweh proclaimed that his creation was good in Gen.i.31, why then is it not clean in his sight?xviii.14: Who is referred to here as the king of terrors?ixx.17: Job admits that his breath is strange to my wife. Maybe he should start brushing his teeth.xxi.24: Not a description one would normally give to the Almighty: His breasts are full of milk.xxiv.16: Reference to the art of burgling houses by digging through them.xxvi.5: Apparently the abode of the dead lies beneath the sea. What dead things are formed from under the waters?xxvi.7: Job states that God hangeth the earth upon nothing which shows that his knowledge was advanced at the time. However, he mentions the earth as having pillars , as well as even the heavens four verses later so I suspect he had no idea himself.xxvi.11: If the Bible is taught in the classroom, who will explain to the kids where the pillars of heaven are, what they look like, and what they are made of?ixxx.6: Job used to wash his steps with butter and rocks poured out rivers of oil when everything had been going his way.ixxx.18: Reference to the legend of the As if he hasn't suffered enough, now we read that Job's bowels Job speaks of dragons existing, and apparently he's related to them.xxxiv.15: Prophecy through the interpretation of dreams.xxxiv.20: There is no darkness...where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves. In Gen.iii.8 Adam and Eve hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God.xxxiv.22: Despite the claims in this verse that There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves, the Bible is full of examples to show otherwise, starting way back in Gen.iv.16 when Cain went out from the presence of the Lord.XXXVIII: In this chapter, instead of answering a single one of Job's questions after all he did to him, God simply asks him one incredibly inane question after another.xxxviii.6: God asks Job who knows where the sockets that fasten the earth are found. Answer: nobody knows because there aren't any!xxxviii.7: Repeated mention of the sons of God who shouted for joy at the same time as when the morning stars sang together. Let us for the sake of the...

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