"The Book Of Sand" By Tarantula A.D: A Small Sequel

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"The Book of Sand"This man died five years later in his own corruption. A sad story ending that never quite finished the story. In fact it was only the first chapter. This is chapter 2, the end.The year is 2012, a few years before Hitler was reincarnated as a 25-year-old man the United States was taken over by the underground society of ...view middle of the document...

There's no right and wrong; the lines are all faded.On the night of December 13th, General Hitler tore down a local library. They burned all the books, but one caught his eye. He quickly took it and hid it in his jacket for later. For the next several years he read the book day to night only stopping to eat and sleep. The book had corrupted his mind, nothing was stopping him. He went from a first-class general to a low-life being.He continued for years never stopping. He is now an 85-year-old man with only his book in his crippled, cold fingers. One lonely night he was on the verge of falling asleep when he turned to the last page. He gasped a breath and fell to his death, the book still in his hands. Everything started aflame! People burned to death, and the whole world blew to pieces. Fragments of the whole world were flying around the universe. But the cold old man flying around in space, still holding the book...

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