The Boundary Stele: Religious Beliefs Influence Town Planning In New Kingdom Egypt

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The Boundary Stele: Religious Beliefs Influence Town Planning in New Kingdom Egypt
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The Boundary Stele is one of the best sources which provides information about Ancient Egyptian civilization and the thought processes of Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) in relation to his move from the former capital Thebes, to the new site of Akhetaten, including the planned layout of that city. Akhenaten describes not only his reasons for moving the capital from Thebes to Akhetaten( Tel el Amarna) but also explains the buildings he will build, where the buildings will be placed, all for the glory of the Aten, the Sun Disc. Akhenaten and Nefertiti together ...view middle of the document...

One could deduce that he would have been privy to more information than others in the Palace and around other officials as he was not destined to become Pharaoh as his elder brother Thutmoses was in fact to receive that honor. That was until Prince Thutmoses’ untimely demise, when Amenhotep IV was expected to acquire all of the knowledge for a Pharaoh, along with all of the rest of the responsibilities that would fall to him once he ascended his father’s throne, becoming Amenhotep IV King of Egypt. The mantle of kingship did fall to Amenhotep IV so he needed to step up to the challenge; Amenhotep IV ascended to the throne roughly in 1350. According to new information in 2014, Egypt’s antiquities ministry revealed that conclusive evidence was found that Amenhotep IV ruled with Amenhotep III, as a co-ruler, before Amenhotep III’s death(Daily News Egypt 2014:1). The new evidence for this discovery was found in the tomb of the pharaonic minister and vizier Amenhotep-Huy in Luxor, where there are “cartouches of both Pharaohs” (Daily News Egypt 2014:2).
By the time it was necessary for Amenhotep IV’s acceptance of the position of Pharaoh, he had already seen and knew much of how things were working within the palace and in other affairs, via the very strong members in his family and those in the palace. In other words, through hearing and witnessing, he had picked up on the influence of Thutmose III, who had helped Egypt reach the Zenith of power, Grand Father Thutmose IV, and his father Amenhotep III, men whom were into establishing and honoring Aten. In fact it was Thutmose IV who first introduced Aten to the Egyptians. These men were extremely strong leaders, bringing great riches to Egypt. This Golden age for the Egyptians in the 18th Dynasty stemmed from “fifty years after the conquests of Thutmose III, thirty years after the muscular feats of Amenhotep II, Egypt was able to indulge herself in imperial magnificence under Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye” (Wilson 1951:203). “The empire seemed...

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