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The Boy In Stripped Pajamas Essay

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Animal fur trading
Since Stone Age, people would peel the skin from their prey as a symbol of conquest, they showed off their power, their strength by putting the fur on their back, they also believed this would bless them, bless them away from death, and make them survive from the war between tribes.
As we stepped into 21th century the definition of “war” in our mind is more and more blurry, the scene of war still stays at the Hollywood war movies on the cinema screens. People do not want fight, and they live in harmony. People get wealth the same time when they get a long time of peaceful life.
Is it true that they do not want war? Yes it is, the amount of death caused by war in 20 century is 10 times more than that nowadays. But what if I ask you, is the greedy in our mind is truly disappear? Are we truly don’t want to ...view middle of the document...

Injuries are caused by hunters, the suffering and pain are caused in the same time, the defenseless animals, have to face the truth that their home are ruined and their family is incomplete, behind their death, the terrified baby are left to starve to death. Not every preys can“enjoy” a quick kill, most of their pain are prolonged. They have to run with an arrow in their leg, the pain cannot run away from their hamstring, it will follow the prey until the prey is dead by losing too much blood or wound infection.
The stress from being hunted also inflict the preys, the sound of gun, the moan of compatriots make them run constantly so they don’t have time to store the fat in their body, some of them, like bears, maybe the fat in their body are not able to make them hibernation. People refuse the war, they think they are bloody and savage, we think it’s unfair to those unarmed innocent civils, they don’t have the power to defend, the only thing they have is fleeing, the United Unions judge the crime they made, but what if the same thing happens on animals? More than 50 million animals are violently killed for use in fashion every year. But what if I tell you, in Iraq war, the casualties of civilians are around 15,100 to 1 million, in Libyan war, the casualties is around 2,500 to 25,000. People complain the war took away their family, took away the whole what they had done. But what will happen if animals can talk? Will they complain about be chased while pregnant, or do they have time to complain? Because about fifteen creatures has became extinct by hunting.
There’s no time for us to delay, the pinwheel of the clock is like a hay cutter, one more minute to consider means more animals are hunted. Saving rare animals, please become a doer.

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